Undergraduate courses are generally held in Swedish. Some courses can be offered in a combination of both Swedish and English. The theory classes, including reading material, are in Swedish and therefore the exchange students are exempted from these courses. Exchange students with sufficient knowledge of Swedish are welcome to take any suitable courses offered in our undergraduate programs, including the theory courses, provided that they meet the requirements of the course. 

Course information; selections and procedures
When you are admitted to Konstfack´s exchange program at Ädellab you will be placed in the 2nd year of the Bachelor program. In the course catalogue below you can see the course ranges for each year. You will also be assigned a tutor with whom you create a study plan for your semester here at Konstfack and Ädellab.

Please note that admission as an exchange student to the bachelor program does not mean that all courses offered at Konstfack are available to you. If you apply for courses with specific prerequisites it is very important that you fulfill these. 

It is possible to combine courses from different grade levels provided that you fulfill the prerequisites of the courses you wish to undertake and that the responsible teacher agrees that you attend the course, especially if it is in Swedish. 

Academic year and semesters
The academic year at Konstfack University is divided in two semesters: autumn and spring. The autumn semester usually starts in the first week of September and extends to the middle of January. The spring semester then continues until the first week of June. It is very common that the semesters differs internationally. Some students need to be back at their home university before the end of our semester but we can sometimes work on finding and individual solution. Once you have been admitted and arrived to Konstfack we advise you to make an appointment with your tutor at Ädellab and go through the details of your stay here.

One week of full-time studies corresponds to 1,5 credits (or ECTS). One semester of full-time studies is equal to 30 credits (or ECTS). The grades are Pass (G or Godkänt) or Fail (U or Underkänt).

It is not possible to extend your exchange period outside the exchange program agreements.


Contact information 

On general questions about international exchange (application, admission, insurance etc):
Protected address
-> International Exchange


For questions on courses etc please contact Beatrice Brovia, Program responsible at Protected address

or Karin Hultquist Persson, Education administrator at Protected address

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