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8 May - 6 June, Konstfack and Konstnärshuset
Konstfack’s Degree Exhibition 2021 takes place at Konstfack and Konstnärshuset during four unique events on 8 May – 6 June.
Degree Exhibition 2021
Here is the latest information regarding the new corona virus. You will also find answers to common questions, together with tips for studying and working remotely.
12 May, at 10 am - 12 pm, Zoom
In this presentation, Lucas will talk about a small disused quarry and its inhabitants, situated in the North of England, which has become central to her PhD research and artistic practice over the past two years.
Common Seminar: Victoria Lucas
18 May, at 10 am - 4 pm, Zoom
The Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa's remarkable documentary works have often managed to capture the tiny and untimely aspects of historical events. In his "compilation films" of important political mass events in Soviet history, gestures, gazes, tiny movements and facial expressions of the mass are observed and orchestrated.
One Day About: The Work of Sergei Loznitsa
Runner-up award to Palle Torsson Palle Torsson, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Fine Art, has been given a runner-up award in the 2020 SAR RC Prize for Best Exposition for "Radical Inside". The project uses the possibility of exploratory recontextualization of commercial 3D models to find queer readings of seemingly heteronormative technological applications.
26 May, at 1-3 pm, Zoom
The seminar will be about our experience of light and colour, and the process that starts when light radiation hits the retina of the eye and is transformed into the experience of light and colour, but also space and time.
Common Seminar: Colour and Light in Design
Two Konstfack master students among the ten artists selected to the new research-based Octopus Programme Congratulations Alina Rentsch (Fine Art) and Sofia Priftis (Spatial Design)!
Home Works – new book edited by Jenny Richards and Jens Strandberg "Home Works – A Cooking Book: Recipes for Organising with Art and Domestic Work" is a cooking book that highlights the art and politics of eating together through a number of artistic, curatorial and tasty dinner recipes.
Due to all the news articles that have followed the one published in DN on 2021-02-01 with the headline "No, the Vita Havet exhibition at Konstfack has nothing to do with racism," we have put together a compilation below. It consists partly of two texts in which our Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz comments on the events and partly of links to some of the articles, as well as TV and radio reportage. There is also a summary of the results of the work environment investigation that has been carried out, with a brief commentary from the Vice-Chancellor.
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni is a network including approximately 1800 artists, designers, pedagogues and curators, all of them with a degree from Konstfack.

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