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1-20 December, Liljeholmstorget Galleria
lmost nothing is as usual but the design, art and crafts persist. Konstfack's Student Union opens a temporary shop where you can take part in all the fantastic things that Konstfack's students have created.
Konstfack Christmas market pop-up
Here is the latest information regarding the new corona virus. You will also find answers to common questions, together with tips for studying and working remotely.
Read more at www.konstfack.se/en/corona.
Professional courses – starting autumn 2021
Application deadline 15 January 2021
Online application opens 1 December 2020.
Master's programmes – starting autumn 2021
Application deadline 15 January 2021
Online application opens 1 December 2020.
1 December - 1 April, online
A virtual group exhibition where nine artists create worlds and imagine alternative realities situated in the near future.
Touching 2022
As an independent, international art university, Konstfack strongly condemns the imprisonment and death sentence of the Swedish-Iranian scholar Dr. Ahmadreza Djalali.
10 October - 20 December, Möbeldesignmuseum
The exhibition provides a shared platform for final year students from Konstfack, Beckmans, HDK-Valand and Malmstens.
Ex-Works 2020
25-29 January 2021
Save the date!
Konstfack Research Week 2021
Sebastian Gatz and matt lambert: two new doctoral students in design and craft Konstfack's doctoral research group has expanded with Sebastian Gatz (design) and matt lambert (craft). Gatz's doctoral thesis project is about creating a new aesthetic language that incorporates large data sets relating to humans, animals and plants, where he blends digital and analogue design processes. lambert, using the language of jewellery, unpacks the potential of different forms of history that are buried in what already exists.
Design (In)actions Paper Presentation by Erik Sandelin Last week Erik Sandelin, PhD student at Konstfack and KTH, presented the research paper "Design (In)actions" at the NordiCHI conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Tallinn, Estonia.
5 November - 19 December, Wetterling Gallery
Dina Isæus-Berlin's work asks questions about different types of knowledge, both intellectual but foremost practical and intuitive, and how various layers of know-how can be reached through altered states of mind.
The Spirit Manual
Formas funds for expanding access to public space Anette Göthlund, a professor at the Department of Visual Arts and Sloyd Education (IBIS), Miro Sazdic Löwstedt, a PhD student in Konstfack's KTD programme (Art, Technology and Design), and Meike Schalk, an associate professor of Urban Design at KTH (project manager) are together receiving SEK 4 million from the Formas call "Designed living environment – architecture, form, design, art and cultural heritage in public spaces".
Maria Lantz, Anne Klontz, Bella Rune and Behzad Khosravi Noori contributors to new book on CrossSections "CrossSections, Processing Artistic and Curatorial Research", edited by Basak Senova, is the accumulation of the CrossSections which reflects on "process" with the aim of articulating critical reactions to the political, economic, and social disturbances challenging us today.
16 October - 31 December, online exhibition
We are 24 crafters from Konstfack who were given the task to create real gift shop items from fake exhibitions, each corresponding to a year in the history of the Stockholm House of Culture.
ACCESS: what is left after the exhibition?
Alumni about Konstfack Some of Konstfack's many alumni tell about their time at and their memories of the school.
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni is a network including approximately 1800 artists, designers, pedagogues and curators, all of them with a degree from Konstfack.

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