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1-7 March, Västra Stallet, Stockholm
Welcome to the Bachelor's programme in Fine Art year 2 exhibition.
Clean the Augean Stables
1-10 mars, Vita havet, Konstfack
The exhibition consists of an installation with two films that each circle around one specific figure: An American country singer and a Latvian poet.
Parallax - David Danell, MFA exhibition
1-10 March, D1 – Galleri Pölen, Konstfack
A departure with a fragmented return. The diaspora becomes a forced and the return becomes unavailable, then it turns into multiplicity. As singularity is not an option, the creation of multiplicity is already in motion. The unfamiliarity, the fragility, the void, the arrival, and departure, the closed, and the conditioned force, particles and the open boats sail in the black waters of the Arabian/Persian Gulf.
Fragments & Particles
1-10 March, Galleri Konstfack, Konstfack
Aurea’s practice deals with the entanglement of the mundane and the sublime, and works mainly with oil on jute and wood panel.
Sztuka Wróżenia – Aurea Tanttu, MFA solo exhibition
1-10 March, Vita havet, Konstfack
Like Waiting to Eat Delicious Fruit in Summer, exploring ambiguous aspects between power dynamics, especially an invisible gap between the lover and the beloved, questioning what Love means and who gets the right to define the absolute meaning of Love. As Love confuses, love holds and love hurts. Is it all about love? No it isn't.
Like Waiting to Eat Delicious Fruit in Summer – Leo Porramet Jittaksa
2 March - 5 May, Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, Norway
The exhibition explores how craft materialises possible realities. Agnieszka Knap, senior lecturer in craft at Konstfack, participates in the exhibition.
Down In The Mines, Up In The Clouds
6 March, 6-7 pm, Mötesplats Mariatorget, Stockholm
Geo Wyex (b.1984) is an artist and educator based between New York and Rotterdam, NL. He works primarily in performance, music, poetry, and sound.
Geo Wyex
Disarming the hypermasculine Moa-Matilda Nilsson, student from the Master’s programme Craft! Textiles, works with toxic masculinity and exhibits at Liljevalch's Spring Salon.
Informative donation to Konstfack's library Thank you Formafantasma, Konst-ig and Stockholm Furniture Fair for the opportunity to deepen our knowledge!
16 February - 10 March, Galleri Konstepidemin, Göteborg
All the works in the exhibition thematizes, in one way or another, spiritual confusion. The West – hungry for spiritual growth / tired of an over-rational scientism which borders on the irrational itself – looks to the East and to its own pre-Christian past in order to find new modes of being.
Transmundane Confusion — Sebastian Gatz
Video documentation KRW 2024 A selection of lectures and presentations from Konstfack Research Week 22-26 January 2024.
Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2024 For the first time since the pandemic, nearly all programmes will be together at Konstfack during the same time, 15-24 May.
15-24 May, Konstfack and Färgfabriken
The Degree Exhibition 2024 is arranged as one gigantic group exhibition where works by bachelor's, master's and teacher education students are exhibited together in Konstfack's spaces 15-24 May. One exception is the Fine Art master's students exhibit at Färgfabriken from 16 to 24 May.
Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2024
30 May, Haxthäuser Hof, Germany
This talk centers around the question of: What shifts when we decenter the object and consider it as material. How does this position animate histories, create narratives and shift the ways we think of mastery, craft, materiality and capitalistic consumption.
matt lambert lecture at Haxthäuder Hof Jewellery Symposium
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni is a network including approximately 1800 artists, designers, pedagogues and curators, all of them with a degree from Konstfack.

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