Konstfack turns 175 years old - Contribute with memories/anecdotes for an anniversary book!

Konstfack turns 175 years old - Contribute with memories/anecdotes for an anniversary book!
Submit your contribution by 30 November 2018.

Seven new research leaders appointed

Seven new research leaders appointed
The Board of Education and Research has appointed seven new research leaders with the task, together with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Magnus Bärtås and the Director of Doctoral Studies Bo Westerlund, to continually develop the research environment at Konstfack.

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1-2 December, at 10 am - 5 pm
Konstfack students sell their art and products; culptures, paintings, ceramics, glass, jewelry, textiles, clothes, decorations, and whole lot of other interesting things.
Christmas market
14-15 november at Oslo National Academy of the Arts
A practice located somewhere in between organization, architecture, institution, pedagogy, dance, economics and infrastructure. And the battle for children's right to the city, and their right to play, was transformed into everyone's obligation to play along.
Tor Lindstrand gives lectures at Oslo National Academy of the Arts
16 November, at 2:00-3:30 pm in Svarta havet
The human reason of being in the age of AI: Hedvig Kjellström, Professor of Computer Science and Susanne Wigorts Yngvesson, Professor in Ethics with Systematic Theology and Human Rights.
Friday Lecture on AI, surveillance, control, morality and ethics
8-17 November in Gallery Konstfack A movie - MFA exhibition Michael Cedlind
8-18 November in Vita havet
we’re all motherfuckers (Madeleine Andersson) / Donna and the Dolphins (Kevin Pihlblad Bogle)
Kevin Pihlblad Bogle / Madeleine Andersson
8 November - 13 January at Vandalorum
An explorative inquiry of material resources and potentials through the art of making. Master's students from Design and Spatial Design are showing their proposals as a part of the project Wasteland.
19 November, at 2-5 pm in S4
The seminar will look at key historical notions of public life from the likes of Hannah Arendt and Chantal Mouffe, while looking towards new understandings of publicness in view of our present reality.
Higher Seminar with Patricia Reed: Publicness and Extrastatehood
20 November, at 09:30 am - 12:00 pm in Wickmans
Bully Goes Fishing – Meanderings in Posthuman Design
Higher Seminar: Erik Sandelin
26 November, 4-6 pm
You will learn all about Konstfacks Master's programmes in design, arts and crafts.
Information session about Konstfack's Master's programmes
29 November, 09:30 am - 4:00 pm
We want to suggest that contemporary crafts have much to gain from being practiced and discussed from the perspective of a material aesthetic discourse, rather than from an idealistic one.
Ways of perceiving craft. Open seminar
27 October - 2 December at Galleri Helle Knudsen
The artists focus on a current problem, a common Sami history and present, depicted with strong images made with embroidery, on paper, glass or metal.
Exhibition: Britta Marakatt-Labba & Tomas Colbengtson - Gryning / Luejie / Iđit guovssu
20 October - 2 December at Norrtälje Konsthall
Katja Pettersson uses the personal but also the universal, the fact that life turns and suddenly takes new directions raises questions about our inadequacy, lost control and powerlessness for each other and the earth.
Brytpunkter / Breaking Points
30 September - 11 November
Welcome Back is based on an exploration of the geological epoch Anthropecene, the age we are in today, an era defined by man. Katja Pettersson, Senior Lecturer at Konstfack, invites us to enter a post-apocalyptic room, which we would be a museum visitor from a future.
Welcome Back
12 September 2018 - 27 January 2019
The exhibition spans five continents and features over forty artists, including representatives of historical avant-gardes, members of the Soviet and Brazilian underground art scenes, and new generation artists from Russia, Japan, USA, Zimbabwe, and other countries.
Bella Rune exhibits at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni is a network including approximately 1800 artists, designers, pedagogues and curators, all of them with a degree from Konstfack.

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