Here is the latest information regarding the new corona virus. You will also find answers to common questions, together with tips for studying and working remotely.
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24 september, at 10:20 am - 4:45 pm, Limhamn and Malmö
The seminar consists of two parts: a mineral walk in the old limestone quarry in Limhamn and a seminar with discussant Professor Connie Svabo.
50% seminar: Petra Lilja, Mineral Mattering(s)
15 October, Svarta havet / Zoom
Welcome to Maja Frögård's defense of her thesis "Negotiating Tensions – Designers' responsibilities in democratic entanglements".
Maja Frögård defends her thesis about co-design, democracy and designers’ responsibilities in urban planning
The Entire Lovely Degree Exhibition 2021 Did you miss one of Konstfack’s four physical Degree Exhibitions 2021? Here are all of the graduating students’ works.
With Jewelry: Meeting Lions & Dragons matt lambert, PhD student at Konstfack, talks about the power of jewelry, to relate to bodies, to tell our stories and share our histories, in this Klimt02's article.
4 September - 21 November, GIBCA
In a new work titled "Little Petra", Lisa Tan displays a specific armchair. Prompted by an incident in a Swedish design store, the artist reflects on objects of desire and belonging, as well as the privilege to exist in a home, which not only provides shelter but also the possibility of rest.
Little Petra – Lisa Tan at Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art
28 August - 29 November, Färgfabriken
Current Industrial design students work from a biomimicry, Nature-inspired Sustainability course.
Industrial design students in exhibition on Symbiosis
29 May - 26 September, Borås
A twenty-five channel sound installation with its starting point in an unexplained laughter epidemic phenomenon, which occurred in central Africa in 1962. An explosion of laughter took place at a mission-run girls' middle school over the course of six months and infected several hundred people in the community and neighbouring villages.
For An Epidemic Resistance – Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn på Borås Art Biennial
Due to all the news articles that have followed the one published in DN on 2021-02-01 with the headline "No, the Vita Havet exhibition at Konstfack has nothing to do with racism," we have put together a compilation below. It consists partly of some texts in which our Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz comments on the events and partly of links to some of the articles, as well as TV and radio reportage. There is also a summary of the results of the work environment investigation that has been carried out, with a brief commentary from the Vice-Chancellor.
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni is a network including approximately 1800 artists, designers, pedagogues and curators, all of them with a degree from Konstfack.

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