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Here is the latest information regarding the new corona virus. You will also find answers to common questions, together with tips for studying and working remotely.
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18-23 January, Vita havet
To paint is much like trying to spell something unknown, not using words.
Bachelor's exhibition Sunniva Ingvarsson - PING PONG KNOCK OUT THAT IS WHAT WE USED TO CALL IT
20 January at 4-5 pm, Zoom lecture
This lecture will reflect on Phoebe Cummings approach to ceramics as well as current research into recording the ephemeral, particularly in relation to museum collections, encompassing non-visual methods of translation including writing and sensorial/embodied reproductions.
Hands, minds, craft. Hands minds craft.
21 January at 1-4 pm, Zoom meeting
Looking through the process, access, and symbolism of oxygenation, this common seminar will discuss life conditions under contemporary necropolitical capitalism.
Common Seminar by Michele Masucci
21-30 January, Gallery Konstfack II
The exhibition considers myths and symbolism rising from the work of the hand, playing with the intuitive poetics of silent knowledge.
Ägget som ledde in i evigheten - Hedda Hultman
21-30 January, Gallery Konstfack I
Welcome to the exhibition Den alldagliga by Filippa Nilsson Kallhed, student at the Master's programme in Fine Art.
Master's exhibition / Den alldagliga / Filippa Nilsson Kallhed
22-29 January, Detroit Stockholm
The knöl, which in Swedish refers both to organic lumps and suspicious existences, has for more than ten years been an obsession and constant source of inspiration for the Swedish artist Heidi Edström (ingentinget).
Heidi Edström – What a Waste
25-29 January 2021
This year we prioritize the process of research and considers the diverse methodologies that exist within artist practices. While the week’s programme departs from an online platform, audiences are welcome to follow a range of topics blooming from the intimacy of studio practices to the complex realm of the social.
Konstfack Research Week 2021
10 February at 4-5 pm, Zoom lecture
Shadhin Kamruzzaman's artistry deals with the politics of environmental degradation and destruction, migration, social justice and local history.
Hands, minds, craft. Hands minds craft.
17 February at 4-5 pm, Zoom lecture
Barford will in this online lecture share how he discovered The Apple, and how it continues to be his source of inspiration.
Hands, minds, craft. Hands minds craft.
24 February at 9-10 am, Zoom lecture
Kim Paton will discuss the power and potential of exhibition making. Exploring the impact of curatorial and exhibition design practices on giving form to the expanded and interconnected fields of craft, design, architecture and contemporary art.
Hands, minds, craft. Hands minds craft.
Konstfack part of Artist-Run Network Europe During two and a half years (October 2020 - April 2023) the project Artist-Run Network Europe (ARNE) will focus on artist-run initiatives co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The project, which Konstfack is part of, will host a range of activities, including exhibitions, conferences, workshops and lectures.
1 December - 1 April, online
A virtual group exhibition where nine artists create worlds and imagine alternative realities situated in the near future.
Touching 2022
Sebastian Gatz and matt lambert: two new doctoral students in design and craft Konstfack's doctoral research group has expanded with Sebastian Gatz (design) and matt lambert (craft). Gatz's doctoral thesis project is about creating a new aesthetic language that incorporates large data sets relating to humans, animals and plants, where he blends digital and analogue design processes. lambert, using the language of jewellery, unpacks the potential of different forms of history that are buried in what already exists.
Formas funds for expanding access to public space Anette Göthlund, a professor at the Department of Visual Arts and Sloyd Education (IBIS), Miro Sazdic Löwstedt, a PhD student in Konstfack's KTD programme (Art, Technology and Design), and Meike Schalk, an associate professor of Urban Design at KTH (project manager) are together receiving SEK 4 million from the Formas call "Designed living environment – architecture, form, design, art and cultural heritage in public spaces".
Maria Lantz, Anne Klontz, Bella Rune and Behzad Khosravi Noori contributors to new book on CrossSections "CrossSections, Processing Artistic and Curatorial Research", edited by Basak Senova, is the accumulation of the CrossSections which reflects on "process" with the aim of articulating critical reactions to the political, economic, and social disturbances challenging us today.
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni
Konstfack Alumni is a network including approximately 1800 artists, designers, pedagogues and curators, all of them with a degree from Konstfack.

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