The book "Färg&Ljus för människan – i rummet" is published in English
The book "Färg&Ljus för människan – i rummet" is published in English by the publishing house Routledge on 17 May 2017. The book's English title is "Color and Light - Spatial Experience".

Detail of "cycle initiator" with entangled passionflower. Female Xylocopa peeking from its nest.

Martin Avila's postdoctoral project "Symbiotic tactics" is completed
The research was mainly structured through three projects in Argentina. Each of these being developed to enact responses that dealt with everyday socio-ecological issues at specific scales.

Gunilla Muhr

Gunilla Muhr new Head of Department at Konstfack
Gunilla Muhr is the new Head of the Department of Fine Art where she succeeds Olof Glemme who is retiring. Gunilla comes from CFF, the Centre for Photography, where she has worked as director for over ten years.

Jenny Richards and Erik Sandelin new doctoral students at the KTD programme
The doctoral programme that Konstfack and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) started together in 2014 has two new doctoral students: Jenny Richards and Erik Sandelin.

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Konstfack Alumni
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