About Konstfack

Imagine being the oldest, biggest and best that Sweden has to offer. That is exactly what Konstfack is, the university of arts, crafts and design which has seen everyone from dreamers and reformists to activists and utopists pass through its halls since 1844.

Konstfack is best in Sweden! We are not alone in thinking this. The international rankings company QS Top Universities agreed when it placed us at the top of its 2016 list of universities of the arts in Sweden. We are second best in the Nordic countries, number 11 in Europe and number 41 in the world. Hurrah!

Here at Sweden's largest university of the arts in Sweden, you can develop into and inhabit those obvious roles that stem from our programmes – artist, designer, interior architect, graphic designer, illustrator, teacher as well as a craftsperson in a range of materials – such as a jewellery designer. And of course there are a number of paths to take within the design field, from product and furniture design to designing services. But our alumni also include actors, directors, game designers, fashion designers, communications officers, project managers and supervisors.

A degree from Konstfack is a creative, academic, solid foundation on which you can stand, dig deeper into and develop from. An education which allows you to participate in contemporary social debate by developing attitudes, environments, products and services in private as well as public spaces.

At Konstfack we value critical thinking and an empathic approach and we therefore focus as much on why a person seeks us out as we do on what they already know. Our Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz is keen to emphasise that "Konstfack is a school for dreamers, doubters, reformists, believers, activists, utopists, individuals, dystopists, entrepreneurs, ramblers and other seekers."

Konstfack also has some of Europe's best, most well-equipped workshops. Computer rooms, wood and metal workshops, screen printing studios, a weaving room, textile printing, colour workshop, graphical workshop, photo and TV studio, glass works, a ceramics workshop and studios for sculpture and painting. Konstfack's workshops can make anything possible! The school also has one of Sweden's most comprehensive art and design libraries.

Konstfack is Sweden's largest and oldest university of the arts in Sweden, founded in 1844. Each year, around 900 students participate in bachelor, master and doctoral studies, teacher training and free-standing courses at the school. Many of them come from other parts of the world, as do many of our teachers. This internationalisation allows for exchange of knowledge and promotes understanding between countries, cultures and religions. It also prepares you as a student for the world as a future arena and place of work.

We would love for you to join us!

Updated: 17 September 2010
Author: Webmaster