Research at Konstfack

The research at Konstfack is characterised by the interaction of artistic and practical standpoints with scientific perspectives. 

Photo: Gustav Karlsson Frost

At Konstfack research is conducted within the areas of design, arts, crafts, visual communication and arts education. 

Research environment
In a unique way, Konstfack combines highly specialized workshops with a lively intellectual environment. The environment presents unique conditions for research, and the research at Konstfack combines the practices of doing and creating with scientific perspectives.

PhD programme
The PhD students are important to Konstfack's research environment. Some of the PhD students are in the PhD programme run jointly by Konstfack and KTH, "Art, Technology and Design", some are conducting their studies independently of this programme.

Education and research strategy
Education and Research strategy 2019-2023.pdf

To apply for external funding

Employed at Konstfack: Before applying for external funding you need to get your proposal approved by the research leaders and by UFA. Please find full information here: Applying for externa funding (Konstfack employees). 

Not employed at Konstfack: If you are not employed at Konstfack but interested in placing your application for external funding here, the first step is to contact one of the research leaders to see if your project fits into the research directions at Konstfack. Please find contact information here: Konstfack's research leaders

Updated: 17 September 2010