Research at Konstfack

Research and Artistic development at Konstfack aims to broaden and deepen the school's existing body of knowledge in the areas of art, design, crafts, art education and visual communication in an environment that is analytical, critical and creative.

The research consists of both graduate students and several externally funded research projects in collaboration with many partners.

There are many successfully completed and ongoing research projects at Konstfack, funded from national research councils, public arts and cultural grants and industrial commissions.

Konstfacks research strategy 2016-2018.pdf

Doctoral students for the doctoral programme in n Art, Technology and Design

Welcome to our higher seminars in Rethinking research practices in Art, Technology and Design!

PhD program in collaboration with KTH responds to future needs of society .

Do you want to apply for external research grants and conduct research at Konstfack? 

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Updated: 17 September 2010