Research on an artistic basis

Artistic research has its foundation in the exploratory and experience-based practices within the artistic field.

Research on an artistic basis articulates practically and theoretically the specifics of artistic knowledge. This is how Konstfack writes in its application for degree awarding powers at postgraduate level in 2021:

Artistic research involves the practitioner systematically exploring – and articulating and sharing knowledge about – their practice-based process based on questions relevant to the development of works, practices, techniques, methods, purposes, and workflows. This can involve speculative material experiments, innovation, the development of concepts, hybridization, and the creation of new artistic methods and techniques. [1]

Collaboration with other universities - Konstex

Research on an artistic basos engages several higher education institutions around Sweden. Through the Konstex network, these institutions work to promote artistic education and research at a national level. Artistic research is described by Konstex as a reflective and practical process that explores and expresses artistic knowledge:

Artistic research is to practically and theoretically articulate the specifics of artistic knowledge and artistic processes.

The research takes its starting point in one's own artistic practice and the critical reflection on it. The research method can be closely related to the researcher's own practice and its process or take a transdisciplinary approach where the artistic practice connects to other scientific traditions within, for example, the humanities or social sciences. [2]

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