Research projects

Externally funded research projects at Konstfack.

Reframing the encounter: From repressed colonial pile to a collaborative decolonial counter archive

Reframing the encounter creates a counter archive through working with photo negatives and films from Swedish colonial activities.

Landscape of Imagination

Postdoctoral project in collaboration with Habib University, Karachi and Goldsmiths, University of London.

Interiors Matter: A live interior

The project takes a closer look at different conceptions of interior’s temporality, duration and instability based on the assumption that the...

Material cultures for interspecies cohabitation

Through design proposals, this project explores how humans can interact with other species.

Perceptual Metric for Lighting Design

The project aims at developing a tool to communicate perceived light quality.

Preffi: Everyday Ulysses Pacts

The project stimulates discussion about the distribution of responsibility in transitions to more sustainable lifestyles.

Enacting Sex Education

This research project investigates sex education in a variety of school subjects and will be focusing on both Swedish secondary school classrooms a...

Effects of digitization for meaning-making

The project studies the effects of digitization in museums.

A full loop

A full loop of performance: from the perspectives of young citizens, through informal and formal spatial learning, to the making of policies in...