Research projects

Externally funded research projects at Konstfack.

A Swedish Typeface 1897–1930

The project "A Swedish Typeface 1897–1930" addresses typographic design and its relation to nationalism, and the role of historiography in the...

Reframing the encounter: From repressed colonial pile to a collaborative decolonial counter archive

Reframing the encounter creates a counter archive through working with photo negatives and films from Swedish colonial activities.

Landscape of Imagination

Project leader: Behzad Khosravi Noori Funded by Vetenskapsrådet Proejct period: 2022-2024

Interiors Matter: A live interior

The project takes a closer look at different conceptions of interior’s temporality, duration and instability based on the assumption that the...

Perceptual Metric for Lighting Design

The project aims at developing a tool to communicate perceived light quality.

Preffi: Everyday Ulysses Pacts

Project leader: Erik Sandelin Funded by Vinnova Project period: 2022

Enacting Sex Education

This research project investigates sex education in a variety of school subjects and will be focusing on both Swedish secondary school classrooms a...

A full loop

A full loop of performance: from the perspectives of young citizens, through informal and formal spatial learning, to the making of policies in...