Research projects

Externally funded research projects at Konstfack.

A Swedish Typeface 1897–1930

The project "A Swedish Typeface 1897–1930" addresses typographic design and its relation to nationalism, and the role of historiography in the...

Reframing the encounter: From repressed colonial pile to a collaborative decolonial counter archive

Reframing the encounter creates a counter archive through working with photo negatives and films from Swedish colonial activities.

A brand for everyone. KF's graphic design, advertising and design.

In the 1970s The Swedish Cooperative Union (KF) launched large, visionary projects, based on KF's ideological legacy. This research project studies...

Interiors Matter: A live interior

The project takes a closer look at different conceptions of interior’s temporality, duration and instability based on the assumption that the...

Perceptual Metric for Lighting Design

The project aims at developing a tool to communicate perceived light quality.

Space and place in end-of-life care

How can well-being be supported in environments where end-of-life care takes place? Konstfack contributes design expertise in this project that is...

Enacting Sex Education

This research project investigates sex education in a variety of school subjects and will be focusing on both Swedish secondary school classrooms a...

Energy efficient lighting strategies for urban environments: Feeling safe at reduced lighting levels

The research project will develop new energy-efficient lighting solutions for urban environments.

Updated: 7 September 2012
Author: Olga Karlsson