A full loop

A full loop of performance: from the perspectives of young citizens, through informal and formal spatial learning, to the making of policies in multi-actor constellations, and back again.

The project aims to enhance inclusive access to public space. It focuses hereby on a group that is often forgotten, young people in the ages between 10-13 which are too grown-up for playgrounds and only have limited access to community youth centres.

Gender and age hierarchies tend to discourage them to go there and they also have restricted mobility. The project argues that the built environment contains severe socioeconomic inequalities that currently prevent equal, plural and inclusive access to public spheres. As a result, these inequalities directly undermine the creation of cohesive societies.

In terms of who builds our public spaces, it is evident that student cohorts of spatial practices (architecture, planning, art, craft, design), lack diversity and thus a plurality of experiences and viewpoints that are needed for building an inclusive society.

The project will take place in three different locations. It will apply art practices as an inclusive tool, as well as environmental learning where public spaces will be explored and built together. The project aims at

  1. examining access to public spaces from the perspective of children through the creation and activation of a mobile laboratory together with children
  2. developing knowledge about the use of public spaces by children, to improve inclusive access for all
  3. providing equality, plurality, diversity and inclusion resources for educators, municipalities and professionals in spatial practices.

Researchers at Konstfack: Anette Göthlund, professor och Miro Sazdic, doktorand
Project manager: Meike Schalk
Project period: 2020-2024

The project is funded by Formas and placed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology