PhD programme

Third cycle education can be conducted within all the subject areas represented at Konstfack. Third cycle education is conducted in collaboration with other universities.

Doctoral studies can be conducted within all of Konstfack's subject areas. Doctoral programmes are run in collaboration with other universities, since Konstfack as of yet is not entitled to award doctoral degrees.

KTD programme: Art, Technology and Design
The study programme Art, Technology and Design (KTD) is run jointly by Konstfack and The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Most of Konstfack's PhD students are in the KTD programme. Read more here.

FOBOS - National Graduate School for Visual Arts and Sloyd
This programme is open to teachers wanting to deepen their knowledge within the framework of graduate studies. FOBOS is run jointly by University of Gothenburg, Konstfack and Stockholm University. Read more here.


Updated: 30 May 2017
Author: Olga Karlsson

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