Research Seminars

Research Seminars are a platform for continuous exchange on matters pertaining to research at Konstfack. The seminars are open to the public and take place at Konstfack on the first Friday of every month.

8 September 2023 – Visual communication
Research Seminar: Jöns Mellgren, Patrick Lacey and Moa Matthis - "Research Practice"
Room S6


6 October 2023 – Fine Art

Mara Lee: Counter intimacies and the site of imagination, or: What's a booty call got to do with it?

Rom Zickerman


10 November 2023 – Industry Design

Katja Pettersson, Carl-Johan Vesterlund and Loove Broms: 'Design and Empathy for All Forms of Life'

Room: Studion


1 December 2023 

Martin Sonderkamp and Darko Dragičević: 'Crossing Lines'

Room: Pölen


1 March 2024 – IBIS

Fredrik Lindstrand, Annete Götland, Siri Homlong and Annika Sandahl: 'Meaning-making in the encounter between the digital and the analogue.'

Room S6


19 April 2024 – Interior architecture

Ernesto Garcia, Kristina Fridh & Maja Willén: 'Urban Interiors: Private and Public Spaces'

Room Mandelgren


3 May 2024 – Craft

Maja Gunn and Professor Anders Ljungberg: 'Transdirectional Participatory'

Room E1


24 May 2024 – CuratorLab (seminar and live podcast)

Anders Sunna in conversation with Sixten Liu and CuratorLab 2023/34: 'Imagine being able to speak all the world’s languages without saying a word.'  

Room: Svarta Havet


7 June 2024 – External guest
Room S1