Higher seminars

The higher seminar series provides a platform for a continuous exchange on matters pertaining to research conducted at Konstfack. Senior researchers, faculty, practitioners, doctoral candidates and students from both Konstfack and other institutions take part. The higher seminar series is open to the public.

Autumn 2018

5 September, 9.30-12 (S2)

Ewa Majewska: Public art and experience. An introduction to theories of the Public Sphere.

Reading, Ewa Majewska's seminar:
-deutsche pub;ic art and democracy.pdf
-kluge negt public cale2.pdf

11 October, 9.30-12 and 14-16 (B3)

Session 1: Anna Holmquist (9.30-12)
Session 2: Johan Redström (14-16)

19 November, 14-17 (S4)

Patricia Reed: Publicness and Extrastatehood

Reading, Patricia Reeds seminar:
Harney_Moten_The University and the undercommons.pdf
- Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, "Queering Homophily" (Draft), available on request from Protected address

20 November,  9.30-12 (Wickmans)

Erik Sandelin: Bully Goes Fishing – Meanderings in Posthuman Design

14 December, 13-15.30 (S4)

Matt Smith

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The Higher Seminars are open to students and staff. They are also open to the public.

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