Higher seminars

The higher seminar series provides a platform for a continuous exchange on matters pertaining to research conducted at Konstfack. Senior researchers, faculty, practitioners, doctoral candidates and students from both Konstfack and other institutions take part. The higher seminar series is open to the public.

Spring 2019

27 February, 9.30-12.30 (S2)

Shahram Khosravi: Unsettling, Walling, Stealing


28 March 14-16.30   (S5)

Ricarda Denzer och Basak Senova: Humming, Warbling, Whistling

13 May 9-12 (Wickmans)
Adam Bergholm: Key Works 

Reading: Adam_Bergholm_seminarieunderlag.pdf

29 maj, 9-12 (Phd students' offices)
Léopold Lambert

(OBS! Vänta i receptionen så kommer vi och hämtar deltagarna kl. 9.00!)   



11 June (S4)

9-12: Mat Gregory Cancelled
13-16: James Binning, Assemble Collective
Reading: JamesBinning_seminar_Konstfack.pdf 

Higher seminars, previous years

Hihger seminars spring 2018

The Higher Seminars are open to students and staff. They are also open to the public.

Welcome to Konstfack's Higher Seminars!

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