Konstfack is the largest university of arts, crafts and design in Sweden. Each year, about 900 students are enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, Doctoral Programme, Teacher Education programmes and courses for professionals.

Bachelor's Degree programmes, 180 credits

In the three-year Undergraduate Level (for the Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts) you can choose between seven different programmes.

Master's Degree programmes, 120 credits

Konstfack's Master's programmes offer challenges! Our new two-year Master's programmes offer preparation for careers or research and lead to the award of a Master's (120 credits) degree.

The master's programme in CRAFT! is a cooperation between the three subjects Ceramic & Glass, Textile and Ädellab at Konstfack. The programme perceives the making of crafts as a relevant method for questioning the current state of things.

The Master's programme in Design is intended to augment your capacity to work experimentally and reflectively and both formulate and approach problems in a critical and artistic way. The specialisations Spatial Design and Individual Study Plan in Design offers you the opportunity to deepen and specialise in your field.

Fine Art
An individualised Master's programme in fine art with a focus on strong self-reflection as well as development and intensification of your artistic project.

Visual Communication
A norm creative Master's programme in visual communication with a focus on your own work in graphic design and/or illustration.

Master's programme in Visual Culture and Learning - Visual Arts Education NoVA
This programme develops the conditions for conducting professional activities and further research studies in a critical, independent and creative way, and qualifies for educational leadership and development projects within the current field.

Teacher Education, 270-300 credits

Acquire a qualification to teach in either secondary (two subjects in grades 7–9) school or upper-secondary (two subjects) school.

Professional courses

Konstfack offers courses for professionals. All tuition is in Swedish, except for the courses listed on the link above which are taught in English only.

Doctoral Programme, 240 credits

The Doctoral Programme in Art, Technology and Design is a joint venture between KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Konstfack with the aim to strengthen the exchange between artistic and scientific forms of knowledge.




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