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Inredningsarkitektur & Möbeldesign, 180 hp

In the field of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design you will challenge your discipline and expand the territories of interiors and furniture in order to respond to the many urgent questions society faces today. We educate interior architects so that they will be able to use their creative abilities, responsibility and empathy to communicate with and work for people and the world around us.

An interior architect works with the design of large and small spaces, both indoors and in the open air. This task is related to human beings and the functions and experiences they need. The links between spatial shape and volume, light and colour, material and furniture, how spaces change over time, are maintained and finally recycled are frequent concerns.

The traditional professional role of interior architects and furniture designers has comprised designing interiors and fittings, furniture and other objects related to rooms. At Konstfack you will develop your understanding of colour not merely as a system but in relation to space and spatial parameters. One important area of investigation is light and how it affects our experience of colours, space, furniture and objects.

Studies in which theoretical subjects and practical assignments are closely linked with each other are pursued under supervision in classrooms, studios and workshops. Your artistic development will be interwoven with technical, ecological, ethical, economic, social and market-oriented studies. On the whole the programme consists of compulsory courses.

Being an interior architect offers a wide range of potential careers. Interior architects must be able to communicate with and understand users, commissioners, manufacturers and consultants in the building and manufacturing sectors and must also be able to describe physical reality such as buildings, rooms, and furniture and fittings before they are produced. This makes great demands of their skills as draughtsmen and in creating three-dimensional representations as well as their oral and written communication skills.

Language of instruction

Credits and form of study
180 credits (3 years), full-time, daytime.

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts

After graduation
The programme comprises three years at Bachelor’s level to which can be added two years at Master’s level in Spatial Design. Altogether these years lead to the award of a qualification in Interior Architecture.

Entry requirements and selection
General entry requirements for higher education. Selection is on artistic merit and is based on a portfolio, a written statement of your reason for applying for the programme and an interview.

Language test
The undergraduate programs are conducted in Swedish. For applicants with a foreign upper-secondary school education that lack qualifications in Swedish, a TISUS test is required. TISUS is recognised by all universities in Sweden as a statement of eligibility in the Swedish language. For more information please go to

Application and Applicant assignment 2017

Please go to the Swedish version to apply and read the Applicant assignment for 2017.

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For more information about the programme, please contact:
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