Being a student at Konstfack

Each student has access to exhibition ares, a computer lab, and fully-equipped studios and workshops. The departments have well-established student exchange programs with about 50 schools in 25 different countries. After a few semesters at Konstfack you will be eligible to apply to complete some of your course requirements at one of these schools.



There is a shortage of student accommodation in Stockholm. Please note that Konstfack cannot guarantee availability of student housing. You are...

Costs and financing

Before granting you a residence permit, (if you come from a country outside the EU) the Swedish Migration Board will ask you to prove that you will...


Rent , food, textbooks , clothing, entertainment ... i t's not a life of luxury that awaits the aspiring student , but there are ways to add to the...

Application for degree certificate

After completion of your studies you can apply for a degree certificate.


Insurance during school hours All students studying in Sweden are covered by the personal injury insurance (a general student insurance) that is...

Exchange Students

The international engagement is important. Konstfack has agreements with more than 80 partner schools around the world. This makes the atmosphere a...

Equal treatment of students

Konstfack categorically rejects discrimination and harassment and will not tolerate that these occur in our community. All staff members and studen...

Registration procedures

Newly admitted students should register the first day in Vita Havet. You have to register at the Student office every semester that you plan to...

The Student Union

The Student Union is an organization governed by elected student representatives. The Student Union's board is responsible for representing student...

Studying with a disability

All students should be able to study on equal terms in a good study environment regardless of any disabilities. If you have a documented disability...

Student Records - LADOK and personal data

Ladok is the national system used for documentation of academic information at higher education institutions in Sweden.

Study Certificate

If you need a study certificate (proof of registration / result certificate) there is a self service that you can use if you log into Ladok Student...

Approved leave from studies and re-entry

Approved leave from studies means an appproved and time limited break from studies.

Academic calendar

The academic year consists of two semesters; the spring semester and the autumn semester.

Workshops and studios

Probably no other university college of the arts in Europe has such well-equipped workshops as Konstfack. The workshops facilitate work in many...


As a student, you can appeal some decisions to the Board of Appeal for Higher Education, (Överklagandenämnden för högskolan), according to (Chapter...


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