Application for degree certificate

Once you have completed your studies, you can apply for your degree certificate. The degree certificate certifies that you have acquired knowledge and skills through your studies up to a certain level within a certain area.

You apply for a degree certificate by logging in to your student account at Select 'Degrees and certificates' in the menu and follow the instructions on the application page.

If you do not have a student account, you can instead apply for a degree certificate by filling out and submit your application on a form:  Application for degree.pdf.

What type of degree you apply for depends on the programme you have completed and when you finished your studies. The degree requirements are indicated in Konstfack’s qualification descriptors. Find out more in Konstfack’s System of Qualifications: Local System of Qualifications.pdf

The turnaround time to receive your degree certificate varies depending on when you apply and can be up to two months.

You submit your degree application once you have received a final grade for all the courses included in your degree. Please check your transcript of records before submitting your degree application. You obtain your transcript of records by downloading it from your student account in Ladok or from the educational administrator at your department.

If you have any questions about the degree application or necessary documentation, please contact:

Digital degree certificate

As of 4 March, 2024, Konstfack transitioned to digital degree certificates. This means that individuals receiving their degree certificate after this date will have it issued in digital format, not on paper. You can download the diploma as a PDF file in Ladok. Degree certificates previously issued on paper will not be replaced with digital versions.

Older degrees

Students who began their studies prior to 1 July 2007 can no longer apply for a degree certificate in accordance with the 1993 regulations. Please contact a degree officer at to discuss your situation and your possibilities to supplement your studies and obtain a degree according to the current regulations.