The Student Union

The Student Union is an organization governed by elected student representatives. The Student Union's board is responsible for representing student interests and helping to contribute to a postive study and social climate at Konstfack.

The purpose of the student union is to improve the students' study time, both regarding the education and social activities at the university. The union is the students' united voice at Konstfack.



SSCO and the Student Health Center

Stockholms Studentkårers Centralorganisation (SSCO) is the head organization for all student unions in Stockholm. The organization negotiates student discounts, runs a service for renting and subletting housing, etc:

"Studentpalatset", a student center, is located on Norrtullsgatan 2 in Stockholm (by the Odenplan subway station). The building houses SSCO, a library for international students, the Student Health Center, places where you can sit and study, and a café. You will have to show your student card at the entrance. Read more at

The Student Health Center: