Approved leave from studies and re-entry

Approved leave from studies means an appproved and time limited break from studies.

You should apply for the leave before it has started. If approved leave from studies has been approved, students are entitled to resume their studies at the point in time stated in the decision.

Students who are considered to have special reasons for their study leave can have a place reserved for readmission to a certain semester. Special reasons could be social, medical or other specific circumstances such as maternity or paternity leave, compulsory military service or commission related to the Student Union.

Students have no automatic right to resume their studies without approved leave from studies. Re-entry can only be granted if there is a vacant study place. The department makes this decision.

Application for readmission should be done in writing on a specific form at 1st March at the latest (Autumn semester). Students at the Teacher training program can also apply at 1st October at the latest (Spring semester).

Termination of studies (non-completion) means that your right to a study place ceases, and you will not be able to re-enter to complete your studies. If you intend to terminate your studies, you must notify the education administrator at your department. The termination of studies is registered in the study register, Ladok.