Studying as a parent

Many students have children and here is specific information if you are studying as a parent.

CSN: The Swedish Board of Student Finance and supplementary aid (applies only if you are entitled to CSN)

As a student with children, it's possible for you to receive an extra child allowance in addition to your financial aid from CSN. The size of this allowance is dependent on if you're studying full-time or part-time and how many children you have. You can read more on CSN's website. 

Read more about the extra child allowance (tilläggsbidrag) at CSN's website, Open in new window

Parental benefits

Parental benefits (Föräldrapenning) is economic support to parents to help them care for their children. There are both whole and temporary parental benefits available. Normally, a parent doesn't have the right to temporary benefits while studying. Contact Försäkringskassan for more information. 

Read more about parental benefits on Försäkringskassans website, Open in new window

Housing allowance

If you have children, you can apply for a housing allowance from Försäkringskassan.

Read Försäkringskassans information about housing allowance