Master's Degree Programmes

Konstfack's Master's programmes offer challenges! Our two-year Master's programmes offer preparation for careers or research. The programmes are led by Konstfack's professors and have both fixed directions and optional courses that offer you an opportunity to specialise and create your own programme that reflects your unique interests.

Rosita Ståhl, ”Labour Lurking under the Surface of Glass”, master´s programme CRAFT! Ceramics and Glass, 2023. Photo: Gustav Karlsson Frost.t

Important dates

1 December 2023: Online application ( open. 

1 December 2023: Portal to upload applicant assignment ( open.

15 January 2024:
Application and applicant assignment deadline.

1 February 2024: Qualifications to certify the entry requirements, and payment of application fee or certification of fee exempt status must have reached University Admissions.

February/March 2024: Assessment of applicant assignments + prospective interviews.

21 March 2024: Notification of selection results (

2 September 2024: Course start.

Our Master's programmes

The master's programme in CRAFT! is a cooperation between the three subjects Ceramic and Glass, Textile and Jewellery and Corpus. The programme perceives the making of crafts as a relevant method for questioning the current state of things.

Design Ecologies
At our programme, we see Design Ecologies as the sum of the relationships enabled through design. We educate design practitioners to complement living systems and affirm social and biological diversity.

Fine Art
An individualised Master's programme in fine art with a focus on strong self-reflection as well as development and intensification of your artistic project.

Spatial Design
The programme offers individual in-depth studies and personal development within the fields of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design.

Visual Communication
A norm creative Master's programme in visual communication with a focus on your own work in graphic design and/or illustration.

Get a Master's at Konstfack.

Studying at Master's level means challenging your intellect, putting your critical thoughts into words, to develop what you do together with others and your own project. You will enhance your capacity for cooperation, establish networks, have time for self-reflection and find ways of realising what you are most ardent about. All of this in an international environment where opportunities, participation and influence are the watchwords with explicit links to society. Konstfack's four Master's programmes in the fine and applied arts offer what you require to position yourself in relevant contexts where creativity and innovation are key concepts.

All that Konstfack does is based on the outcomes of its social commitment, in which critical reflection and actions, aesthetics, questions about democracy, ethics, courage and shouldering responsibility are fundamental concepts that are also reflected in the social debate in which we so readily engage. We sustain a tradition in which art, crafts and design play a role in shaping the material and ideological content of modern society. We promote this inheritance through new explorations, creations, exhibitions and actions. In this way we can propose future experiences and approaches to thinking in the form of concrete suggestions and utopian ideas.

Konstfack's watchwords when it was established in 1844 still live on. Insight and application. Insight into being one human being among others and application in repeated creation, playfulness and dialogue. In this way we can reach further in the creation of meaning that is far from what is taken for granted. This is important for both individuals and society as a whole. We are recognised for out non-hierarchical working methods, our close links between theory and practice, close contacts with teachers through individual tutoring or supervision in small groups, our studio culture, our well-equipped studios and workshops where experts in both traditional and new techniques are at work. We also have one of Sweden's largest libraries of art and design.

How to apply to a Master's Programme

When applying to Konstfack you submit an online application to the Swedish central application website and upload/or send qualifications to support the entry requirements by post to University Admissions in Sweden, FE-20102, SE-839 87 Östersund, Sweden. Please read the specific documentation requirements at and note that they may differ depending on which country that your academic qualifications are issued from.

You will also need to upload portfolios/files electronically via Konstfack's homepage. The applicant assigment (portfolios/files) are used in the selection between eligible applicants. Please note that the files for selection must be uploaded directly to Konstfack's website according to instructions, they will not be processed otherwise.

What to do:

1. Apply via Follow the instructions there.

2. Applicant assignments/portfolios must be submitted via Complete description of each Master's programme and its particular admission requirements and how the portfolios should be submitted can be found at every Master's programmes page.

3. Academic qualifications, proof of English proficiency, receipt of application fee or proof of fee exempt status, must reach University Admissions in Sweden.

Applicant assignments / portfolios must be submitted digitally

If you are applying to more than one Master’s programme at Konstfack, you must submit portfolios for each programme you’re applying to. All portfolios must be submitted digitally.
Note! This means that you cannot send in or submit physical portfolios to Konstfack. Portfolios that differ from our instructions will not be processed. Read more about submitting portfolios.

Requirements and selection

Master's programmes are designed for students with a Bachelor's degree, a professional degree with a minimum of 180 credits, or an equivalent foreign degree. Exceptions to these degree requirements may be made for students who have acquired education by other means. Read more about requirements.

English language requirements
A good command of spoken and written English is required. All teaching, tutoring and examinations are in English. Swedish applicants are required to have upper-secondary school grades in English B/English 6 or equivalent. International applicants who obtained degrees from educational institutions where the main language of instruction is not English must submit their TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge ESOL test results.
Read more about English language requirements and where to send your test results.

Selection is made on artistic grounds and is based upon a portfolio of artwork, a project proposal or statement of intent. An interview is also conducted for all Master's programmes. Read more about selection.

Application and tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA

Application and tuition fees have been introduced for applicants at the undergraduate and graduate level who are not citizens of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Read more about application and tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA.


Browse the leaflet about Konstfack´s Master´s programmes

Browse the leaflet.

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Announcements regarding admission dates and applicant assignments for the autumn 2024 intake will be released in November.