Submit applicant assignments (portfolios/files)

After applying for a course or programme at universityadmissions, you have to create an account and submit applicant assignments (portfolios/files) in order to participate in selection on artistic grounds.

If you are applying to more than one course or programme at Konstfack, you must submit applicant assignments (portfolios/files) for each course or programme you're applying to.

Note! You can not send in or submit physical applicant assignments to Konstfack. Make sure to upload applicant assignments (portfolio/files) for selection directly to Konstfack's website. Portfolios/files that differ from our instructions will not be processed.

Make sure that you have submitted an application to the course/programme at
Applicant assignments (portfolios/files) will not be processed unless an application has been submitted to before deadline.

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Applicants that don’t have a Swedish civic registration number
If you do not have a permanent Swedish civic registration number (personnummer): You must use the application number from your account when creating the account.

If you have a permanent Swedish civic registration number (personnummer) you must use it when creating your account.

File formats
At each programme/course page you can see what file formats are allowed.

Size of electronic files
Singe files should not be larger than 300MB. In total your portfolio must not exceed 500MB.

Questions and problems
Read the "Questions and answers about file formats and submission" page.
Questions about registration, application and admission: Contact the Admissions Office
Questions about file formats, uploading portfolios or other technical things: Contact the webmaster

Applicant assignments/portfolios - AI, plagiarism etc.

What is false or misleading information?
The applicant assignment/portfolio that you attach to your application must be created by you! When applying to Konstfack, you may not use unauthorised aids or plagiarize someone else's work, and then present these as your own work samples.

Plagiarism is not allowed. Plagiarism is when you copy other people's texts, images or other moving material, without referring to the source. Plagiarism means imitating or copying someone else's work. This can involve different types of creatively produced material, such as images, text or film/video, where you present the material as if it were your own.

The Copyright Act protects, among other things, artistic works and is based on the principle that a person who has created a work should have the exclusive right to determine how the work may be used (e.g. images, photographs, or illustrations, including those that may be found on the web).

AI technologies
The use of AI tools/AI techniques is generally not allowed when creating your applicant assignment/ portfolio, but your work samples should be created by yourself. Some of our programmes allow AI-generated images or other techniques to be used in the application. In this case, this is stated in the respective programme's applicant assignment/portfolio description. If the programme you are applying to allows this, it is important that you carefully state how and for which parts of the applicant assignment/portfolio you have used the technology.

Cancellation of admission due to misleading or incorrect information
If you use AI technology in applicant assignment/portfolio without stating this, or if you present applicant assignment/portfolio as your own without referring to the source, this may lead to a decision on admission or a reserve place on a programme being revoked by Konstfack, in accordance with the Swedish Public Administration Act (2017:90 § 37).  Admission Regulations