Making an appeal

Some of the decisions made about your application to higher education can be appealed. The Higher Education Appeals Board is the public authority responsible for hearing appeals against decisions made in the higher education sector in Sweden.

Examples of decisions that can be appealed are:

  • A decision that an applicant does not meet entry requirements or not being exempted from entry requirements for courses or study programmes.
  • Refusal to allow a student admitted to a course or a programme to defer their studies.

Please note that the assessment of the applicant assignments / the selection results cannot be appealed.

The appeal must have arrived within three weeks of the date that the individual was informed of the decision. If the appeal is not made within the time limit, the institution responsible for the decision is entitled to dismiss the appeal.

The appeal must be in writing and must be addressed to the Higher Education Appeals Board, but be sent/handed to Konstfack, or uploaded to the applicants account at

Contens of your appeal:
• Your personal information (name, personal ID number, phone number and e-mail address).
• Which application you want to appeal.
• Which decision you believe is inaccurate.
• Why you think the decision has be changed.

The appeal must be signed.

Appeals may not be made against selection decisions.