Deferment of studies

If you are admitted and have valid reasons, you may apply to postpone the start of your studies.

Valid reasons to be granted deferral can be social circumstances, medical circumstances or other special circumstances such as caring for children, being called up for military service or civilian service, student union commissions, military training according to the ordinance, or denied leave of absence of studies from your employer (in accordance with the Swedish Education Leave Act (1974:981).

Please note that deferral can only be granted if you are currently admitted, have accepted your admission, and paid the first instalment of the tuition fees (if you are liable to pay tuition fees). Deferment of studies can not be granted for reasons concerning accommodation or financial difficulties.

The Education and Research Administration Department makes the decision of deferral. An application of deferral is normally submitted before the start of the semester and the first week of the semester.

Please contact for further information.