Questions and answers about file formats and submission

Questions and answers about file formats, and submission of portfolios.

File formats and submission

How do I submit portfolios/files if I apply to multiple educations at Konstfack?
If you are applying to more than an one education at Konstfack, you must submit portfolios/files for each education that you apply to.

What kind of files can I upload?
You can only upload the file types specified in the applicant assignment. Note that all the files must have an extension (suffix) that corresponds to the file types, e.g. ".pdf" for PDF files and ".jpg" for JPG files, etc.

How to show file extensions on PC.
How to show file extensions on MAC.

How do I get AVI and MOV movie files to weigh less?

Use a movie editor and convert the movie into a MP4 file (H.264 compression). There are many free programs on the Internet och here are a couple of examples.



Any Video Converter

Or search on Google.

How do I create a PDF?

If you have a PDF printer installed, select "Print ..." to print to PDF.

If you have Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, or similar programs, you can "Save As ..." and select PDF, or exported to PDF.

With Adobe Reader, you can choose to create a PDF using the "Create Adobe PDF Online" service. It is a web-based service that allows you to convert several different file types to PDF.

If you do not have any of the possibilities mentioned above, see if this internet search can help you.

I want to upload files, but do not see my files on my computer. What's wrong?
At each programmes/course page you can see what file formats are allowed. You can only upload the allowed file types.
If you have a MAC, check that your files have a so-called file extension (file suffix). For example, PDF files must have. "PDF" at the end, and MPEG4 files must have. "MP4".

My upload is iterrupted. What can I do?
1. Make sure you are using a good internet connection. Uploading heavy files can sometimes be interrupted by a weak internet connection.
2. It might be your anti virus program that interrupts the upload. Disable your anti virus program and try uploading again.

While uploading I get the error message "html5: the upload is interrupted". What can I do?
It may be your anti virus program that interrupts the upload. Disable your anti virus program and try uploading again.

At the end of uploading a file I get the error message "500 internal server error". What can I do?
Look for special characters in your file name, for example <, >, /, * and similar. Remove all special characters or replace them with a letter or number, and try uploading again.

After upload it looks as if my files have not been uploded. What can I do?

The web browsers cache can sometimes display an old version of a webpage. Make sure you have the most recent version of your web browser. Delete the browsers cache and delete the cookies. Restart the browser and log in again.
Read more about deleting cache.

I have a mobile iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and I can't upload files to you. How can it be solved?
Check that your files are accessable in offline mode (if you are using a online file storage service). If that doesn't solve the problem, you may have use the iCab Mobile browser:

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