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Studying with a disability

All students should be able to study on equal terms in a good study environment regardless of any disabilities. If you have a documented disability, you are entitled to special educational assistance.

Once you have been admitted to a course or a programme, you can apply for special educational support by submitting an application in the online application platform NAIS.

Link to NAIS application platform.

You can log in to the platform using your account that you used when applying to Konstfack. Describe your disability, how it affects your studies and what sort of educational support you could be assisted by. Here you must also include a medical certificate verifying your disability.

If you have questions, please contact the coordinator at Konstfack: Stina-Lena Kaarle,
Protected address, telephone number + 46 8-450 4116.

After your application has been received, you will be contacted by the coordinator for educational support in order to arrange a meeting where you will discuss details concerning your individual support needs. After the meeting with the coordinator, you will receive a decision outlining your support, which you can then present to any teachers concerned..

Possible educational assistance

Individual planning and specially tailored study plans.

Assistance in taking notes: If the student due to disability cannot take notes, he/she can get assistance from a course companion. This kind of assistance is usually organized by the student him-/herself. A small compensation will be offered the assisting student.

Accessible literature: All students with a reading disability have the right to borrow adapted course literature from the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM. David Scheutz at the Konstfack library will help you send the application to become a borrower at MTM. David Scheutz can also assist you in borrowing course literature, talking books etc. Please contact David if you have any questions, Protected address.

If a book does not exist as a talking book, MTM can produce it for you. Organize this through David Scheutz at the Konstfack library.

A wheelchair is available at the front desk.

Updated: 17 September 2010
Author: Stina-Lena Kaarle