If you have a complaint, you should start by contacting the person concerned, many problems can best be addressed and solved immidiately. If there is an issue related to your studies, you should start by contacting the course leader, the programme coordinator or your supervisor.

In many cases, the problem can be addressed immediately. You can also contact the head of your department, or submit your complaint to the department's mailbox.

You can also contact the Student Union.

If you have tried the above and still feel that you are not receiving adequate help and the problem persists, you have the opportunity to file a written complaint.

Written complaint

If you still (after following the advice above) wish to continue the matter based on your obligations/rights, you can submit a written complaint to
State your name, e-mail, telephone number and department and describe your complaint as detailed as possible.

Ordinarily, the complainant can expect a response within three weeks.

In short

1. Start by contacting the person concerned. If you don't receive assistance/help you should proceed.
2. Contact your teacher. If you still are not satisfied, move on.
3. Write a written complaint.
4. The written complaint is sent to the registrar.
5. The complaint /matter will be examined. 
6. A written response will be provided.