Ädellab, Bachelor’s programme in Jewellery and Corpus, 180 hp

Welcome to Ädellab's jewellery and corpus programme! Here you are offered a unique understanding of the subject's past, present and future, through critically and creatively examining its potential.

We put great emphasis on the learning process and your individual development. We encourage our students to experiment with form, materials, techniques and contemporary issues.

We have highly qualified teachers who themselves work in the field of jewellery and corpus. The teachers will be your supervisors through the entire programme. As part of your studies we offer courses based on theory and critical thinking. You will acquire the tools to develop your own work and approach the essence of an artwork by exploring your analytical and reflective capacity.

You will have access to well-equipped workshops where you will be given the training required for the demands your own projects will make. Practice in using an exploratory method of working is offered by projects, workshops and exhibitions. To ensure that you will become aware of and be inspired by the possibilities offered all over the world the programme has an explicitly international perspective.

Language of instruction

Credits and form of study
180 credits (3 years), full-time, daytime.

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts

After graduation
The Ädellab Bachelor's programme is ambitious and your work will have to maintain a high standard. After the programme most graduates work as individual artists, having national and international networks on different arenas and with different audiences.

Entry requirements and selection
General entry requirements for higher education. Selection is made on artistic merit and is based on a portfolio, a written statement of your reason for applying for the programme and an interview.

Language test
The undergraduate programmes are conducted in Swedish. For applicants with a foreign upper-secondary school education that lack qualifications in Swedish, a TISUS test is required. TISUS is recognised by all universities in Sweden as a statement of eligibility in the Swedish language. For more information please go to www.nordiska.su.se/tisus/2.23810/tisus-test-in-swedish-for-university-studies-1.90668.

Application and Applicant assignment 2019

Please go to the Swedish version to apply and read the Applicant assignment for 2019.

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Degree projects
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If you have questions about how to apply, please contact:
Admissions Office
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+46 8 450 41 77

For more information about the programme, please contact:
Beatrice Brovia
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