One Day About

One-day seminars on research ideas and future research projects.

One Day About is a seminar format implemented to strengthen the research environment at Konstfack by acting as an incubation environment for research ideas and future research projects. Within the One Day About format Konstfack employed teachers can conduct one-day seminars on a theme/topic.

En dag om slöjdforskning i Sverige
One Day About AI and Crafts Practices
One Day About: Mis/Seeing – On the Ethics of Art to Bear Witness - Konstfack

One day about: Emergent Research Ethics in Practice-led Research
One day about: The Art of Print – Artists, Artisans, and Authors

One Day About Noise
One Day About the works of Sergei Loznitsa
Romska smycken – i tradition och samtid 

Jag vet hur folkhemmet luktar

Rorke's Drift och Konstfack
One Day About Typographic histories