Effects of digitization for meaning-making

The project studies the effects of digitization in museums.

Photo: Anneli Karlsson, Vrak – Museum of Wrecks/SMTM.

Digitization has had a transformative impact on museum practices in recent years, including the work with exhibitions. The aim of this project is to produce knowledge about the effects of digitization in relation to the exhibition medium and to visitors' meaning-making. It does so by investigating how digital technologies are employed and how specific applications contribute to learning in the museums which are part of SMTM. With the notion of materiality as a starting point, the project analyzes how different applications produce possibilities and constraints depending on the logic of modes, media and the material expression.

Funded by The Swedish National Heritage Board (Riksantikvarieämbetet)
Project period: 2023-25
Project manager: Eva Insulander, Stockholms universitet

Administrating organisation: Stockholms universitet
Researcher Konstfack: Fredrik Lindstrandprofessor, Konstfack
Partner: Statens Maritima och Transporthistoriska Muséer