The main task of administration and the library is to provide a solid foundation for education and research. The administration is particularly responsible for developing and maintaining uniformity and coordination in the administrative effort. The administration shall also perform the higher education institution's role as a public authority by ensuring legal security, control and effective resource utilisation.

The tasks include:
• supporting the board and president in planning, drafting, quality control and monitoring

• assuming responsibility for joint administrative functions concerning finances, human resources, education, research, information, premises, IT, operation and maintenance

• promoting coordination and simplification of administration, assigning solutions, providing support and professional service for management and departments

• preparing data for policy decisions, developing guidelines, routines, etc.

• promoting collaboration between the central and department levels, as well as coordinating internal units and functions

The efforts of the administration are to be characterised by a high level of competence, efficiency and quality. Working methods are to be inclusive and provide latitude for disagreement. Preparation of various matters should strive for broad support and multifaceted information.

The administration is broken down into various units under the administrative manager. Within its area of responsibility, each unit is to conduct competitive intelligence and drive development by means of its own initiatives and priorities. Similarly, each employee is responsible for using networking or another method to monitor developments in their own area of responsibility, communicate with internal and external target groups concerned and drive developments in their own area of responsibility.

Financial Unit

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Property Division

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Human Resources Unit

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IT Unit

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Management Office

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Education and Research Administration Division

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