Courses for exchange students

Here you can find general information and contacts for further details about exchange courses.

Undergraduate students are welcome to apply for exchange. Second year students should apply for exchange during Spring semesters*, and third year students during Fall semesters.

Please note that only the Fine Arts program has exchange possibilities on the Master level.

Course offerings
You will not be able to choose courses freely. You will follow the program for the semester you have been admitted to. At some departments there might be some flexibility for exchange students. Please note that changes in course offerings may occur. For more information on course offerings and processes for course selections, please click on the program you wish to apply to, see listing below. You can also contact the administrative officers and education coordinators for each program.

All courses run on fulltime basis (40 hrs/week) if not stated differently.

* = The Textile and Interior Architecture and Furniture Design Bachelor programs can't admit exchange students during Spring semesters.


Industrial Design
Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

Anna Anderasson
+46 8 450 41 79
Protected address

Graphic Formgiving & Illustration

Johan Collander
+46 8 450 41 80
Protected address

Ceramics & Glass

Johan Collander
+46 8 450 41 80
Protected address


Karin Hultquist Persson
+46 8 450 41 83
Protected address

Fine Arts

Helena Höök
Protected address
+46 8 450 41 90

Teacher Eduation programmes

Erika Johansson
+46 8 450 41 76
Protected address


ECTS credits
ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System and is a part of the Erasmus EU programme for mobility of university students. ECTS is a tool for facilitating academic recognition between countries, which is one of the main aims of the Erasmus programme.

ECTS is based on the principle of mutual trust and confidence between the participating institutions. The key elements of ECTS are information (on the institution and on courses available), agreement (between the home and host institution, and with the student), and the transfer of credits. One fulltime semester equals 30 ECTS credits.

If you have general questions about exchange studies (application, admission, insurance, visa etc) at Konstfack University please contact our International Office, Protected address

Updated: 17 September 2010
Author: Matilda Uhrström