Avslutade KU-projekt 2013

Mariana Cabello Campuzano: Other Versions of Home: Cuban Science Fiction Literature

The following project is a practice-based artistic research that investigates both a methodology of Interview and a specific subject-matter: Contemporary Cuban Science Fiction Literature. The subject will be explored through a series of interviews with science fiction writers, literary theorists and critics. Through the interviews I intend to explore the imaginary worlds they have created and analyzed and also the connection of this fictional scenarios with Cuba´s current historic moment of change. As an artist- researcher I problematize the conventional language and setting of the Interview. How would the notion of inquiry through Art lead me into performing differently from conventional journalistic and documentary practices?

The project aims at exploring new forms of interview through crafted spaces; a form of dialogue with the interviewees within and through Installation. This exercise paralelly researches how does an Installation, as a site of interrogation, comes to life when there is a discursive participation. Based on initial conversations with the writers, the series of installations and site-specific recreations in La Havana work as a place for interview and also as a way of reinitiating, steering and stirring the dialogue. A final documentation-compilation researches forms of narration that play along the line between the interview and the cinematic, making the writers characters of the world's once constructed through their own speech. 

Mariana Cabello Campuzano.pdf

Akane Moriyama: Between architecture and textile

When a piece of fabric is hung from ceiling, it reacts with different factors of space. For example, gravity weights the fabric down. The fabric sways in the breeze. Natural light goes through the fabric. The fabric absorbs sounds.

These reactions are connected to feature of textile such as its construction, transparency, softness, colour, and its own weight. Akane Moriyama researches for how these features of textile can be applied into architectural environment with a new perspective. Experimenting with different techniques, such as dyeing, printing, sewing, cutting, she investigates how textile intervenes space by its materiality.

Akane Moriyama.pdf

Cristine Sunbom: Aesthetic driven medical design as a critical practice. Explore the design potential of tacit knowledge in nursing