Urban acoustic screens

Acoustic screens, "noise barriers", are not commonly used in urban environments, for aesthetic reasons. This project will develop a new type of lower acoustic screen that could better fit in urban enviroments.

Example from the project of a low acoustic barrier

Roadway noise is a major environmental problem. Acoustic screens or “noise barriers” are frequently used to reduce noise from traffic along major roads. In urban environements though, such screens have hardly been used at all. The reason for this is that the screens have been perceived as physical barriers and aesthetically unwanted elements.

However, new research has shown that lower sound absorbing screens, with a hight of about 1 meter, do not disturb the line of sight as the higher ones do, but still reduces the noise from road traffic.

This project develops models and prototypes of low-level acoustic screens, suitable for use in urban environments.

The acoustic screens are developed and designed in collaboration with artist Mikael Pauli.

Project manager (Head of project): Jens Forssén, Chalmers
Project manager at Konstfack: Robin McGinley, Konstfack.
Funded by: Vinnova
Project period: 2014-2017

The project is a collaboration between the following partners:

  • Chalmers
  • Stockholm University
  • City of Stockholm, Environment and Health Administration
  • City of Stockholm, Traffic Administration
  • Stockholm konst
  • Konstfack - University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
  • Tyréns AB
  • Z-block Norden AB