Symbiotic Tactics

The project is structured through four subprojects. Each of these is being developed to enact responses that deal with socio-ecological issues at specific scales, ranging from the intimate interactions with infectious diseases to detached relations with agricultural industry.

The projects are design-driven and they are developed through a speculative and ideational practice that aims at making explicit alternative versions of the present/near future, becoming an experimental platform to reimagine aspects of everyday life. The project is particularly critical of systems that support anthropocentric praxes, becoming ethically exclusive from a biological perspective. At present, the working titles for the three projects in Argentina are: Doomestics, Dispersal Machines, and Spices/Species.

The project is financed by the Swedish Research Council, and involves three different institutions internationally: Konsftack, the school of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm Sweden where I hold a senior lecturer position, the Multidisciplinary Institute of Vegetal Biology in Cordoba, Argentina, and the African Centre for Cities  in Cape Town, South Africa.

 Project Manager is Martin Avila.