Narrative processes in between- the narrative practices of comics

Narrative processes in between – the narrative practices of comics is a research project that takes a look at how different working methods and processes affect narrative and storytelling when working with text and image.

The goal of this research is to find a way to formulate the quiet, practical knowledge of the narrative existing in the borderland between image and text, and between frames, which comic book creators and authors of other image and text stories possess.

For this research I will conduct interviews with different comic book creators about their working methods and thoughts on their own work. I will then attempt to copy their working methods when telling my own stories, to see how this affects the narrative and the results. I am interested in finding, and creating an awareness of, different strategies to approach a dynamic storytelling process capable of preserving the unique narrative properties of the image, the text and the page-turning/book format alike.

Project manager: Emma Rendel, Department of Design, Crafts and Arts, under GDI.
Funded by: The Swedish Research Council.
Project period: 2014-2017.