Service Production for Sustainable Dynamic Cities – Design of Shared Platforms in Complex Planning Processes


Björn Hellström (projektledare) och Bo Westerlund Konstfack, Göran Cars KTH, Pelle Ehn Malmö Högskola, Tyréns AB, Transformator Design AB, Stockholms Miljöförvaltning.

Project summary
A significant global urban trend today is "the boundless society" in which industries, disciplines and lifestyles converge. This shows that urban development must be managed holistically, and that the key to the sustainable attractive city is about an inclusive collaboration to communicate, monitor and evaluate all the complex issues of urban planning.

There is currently a great need for service production, in the form of co-creation platforms for the actors involved in the planning process, in which experts and citizens with diverse interests together develop proposals that utilize local conditions, while visions and requirements – particularly ecological, social, cultural and economic factors - are managed from a holistic perspective.

The project will provide services in the form of collaboration platforms during the planning process. These are design-driven planning, organization and dialogue strategies and also practice-based design methods for various actors in the planning process. The project´s challenge is to create higher quality and precision of the planning process, relevant to both political and urban planning related visions for sustainability and user interests. The project is based on two types of methodoriented collaboration platforms - Interdisciplinary Service Design and Co-Design - which will beunited, explored and developed.

Key concepts are: sustainability, citizen, planning process, urban densification, urban quality, complexity, dynamics, collaboration platform, co-design, interdisciplinary service design, boundary objects, proactive design solutions, experiments, co-creation, trust, acceptance.