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Energy efficient lighting strategies for urban environments: Feeling safe at reduced lighting levels

The research project will develop new energy-efficient lighting solutions for urban environments.

The aim of this project is to develop new energy-efficient lighting solutions for urban environments. The solutions will also significantly improve aesthetic appearance, visual orientation and perceived safety.

Recent studies in Botkyrka kommun showed that reduced light directly on walkways, combined with a slight increase of illumination levels in a zone 10-30 meters nearby the walkway, resulted not only in reduced energy consumption by about 40 % but also perceptions of a higher aesthetic value and an increased sense of safety. This project builds on these previous studies in Botkyrka.

This study will provide recommendations and solutions for energy-efficient lighting. In the first phase, the solutions will be implemented in Botkyrka kommun. Later they will also be offered to other municipalities and Trafikverket. Data will be collected in Konstfack’s laboratory, at the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University and outdoors in Botkyrka.

The project is a collaboration between Konstfack, Stockholm University and Botkyrka kommun.

Project manager: Loove Broms, senior lecturer in design, Konstfack.
Funded by: Energimyndigheten
Project period: 2016-2019

Thomas Dottman, Botkyrka kommun, measuring light in a studio at Konstfack 2017.

Updated: 10 April 2017
Author: Olga Karlsson