Clay-based experience & languageness

Mårten Medbo (b. 1964) is a ceramicist and senior lecturer at Konstfack University of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm. 

Clay-based experience and languageness omslagsbild

When Medbo, as an artistic researcher at HDK in Gothenburg, defended his dissertation in 2016, he was the first to do so in the subject area Craft. It goes without saying that some issues raised in the text have become less relevant over time, while others instead have become more so. The main themes of the thesis are timeless and constantly relevant for artistic practitioners.

The project is an attempt to better understand and describe the craft from the practitioners inside perspective. It is about the fundamental questions all artists face in their everyday practice. How can art be understood as a way to communicate, or as a linguistic practice? What role does craft play in artistic creation? How is it determined what is a valid artistic expression or not? Does immaterial art exist? 

Författare: Mårten Medbo
Grafisk form: Knut Stahle
Serie: Konstfack Research Collection, 3
ISBN: 9789185549535 (januari 2023)