5 december: The Thinking Cloud. Peder Bjurman och Leif Jordansson

Burman and Jordansson, FMR — creators of theater installation creators, talk about their project The Cloud, a simulator that reproduces reality in the form of a probability cloud, projected on a transparent canvas (Pepper's Ghost illusion). A number of components such as music, text, movement, thought waves are plugged into the computer projection that reflects these realities as abstract images in the form of a cloud that appears in 3D in thin air.

The installation is a derivative of the performing arts’ illusion-making with the essential difference that it retrieves all the information from the real world. The project is being developed in collaboration during the course "Civics, Situations, Scenarios" under the direction of Jenny Althoff and Rochus Urban Hinkel.

Mandelgren, Konstfack, 2—4 pm