Högre seminarier våren 2017


14 mars, kl. 10-16 

Session 1 (kl 10-12): Report on the social pedestal: Phenomenotechnics of intransitivity and neguentropy that emerge from greenhouse parastructures. Luis Berríos-Negrón and Frederik Tygstrup.

Session 2 (kl 13.30-16): "The Work of Art: From Fetish to Forum". Frederik Tygstrup.

10 april, kl. 13.30–16.00

"Queer Community Through Photographic Acts." Annica Karlsson Rixon.

30 maj, kl. 13.30–16.00

"Many Maids Make Much Noise." Olivia Plender. (I samarbete med Curator lab.)