Home Works

A cooking book that highlights the art and politics of eating together through a number of artistic, curatorial and tasty dinner recipes. Recipes that nourish and nurture conversations around domestic labour, collaborative practices and feminist politics, expanded upon through a series of essays and interviews. 

Howe Works omslag

The editors of the books are: Jenny Richards, doctoral student at the KTD-programme at Konstfack, and former Konstfack student Jens Strandberg, who graduated from the Master programme “Art in the Public Realm” in 2012.

Designed by the amazing Johnny Chang and Louise Khadjeh-Nassiri, based on the Home Works graphic profile by Maryam Fanni and Rikard Heberling. All four designers are former Konstfack students.

It includes new commissions and texts by Samira Ariadad, Jonna Bornemark, Stephan Dillemuth, Marie Ehrenbåge, Silvia Federici, Sandi Hilal, Joanna Lombard, Gunilla Lundahl, Dady De Maximo Mwicira-Mitali, Temi Odumosu, Khasrow Hamid Othman, Halla Þórlaug Óskarsdóttir, Ciara Phillips, Audur Hildur Hakonardottir, Kristina Schultz, Toncirkeln (Shida Shahabi and Anna Sóley Tryggvadóttir) and Nathalie Wuerth.

In the context of a pandemic, where we are isolated and unable to gather around the kitchen table we hope this book can still share tools and inspiration to nourish our collective work and the politics of eating and cooking together.

The recipes included in the book were learnt during the cooking of Home Works; a research and exhibition programme investigating domestic labour and the politics of the home, hosted by Konsthall C 2015-2017.

The book is produced in collaboration with Interim kultur artist cooperative, Konsthall C and published by Onomatopee.