Enacting Sex Education

This research project investigates sex education in a variety of school subjects and will be focusing on both Swedish secondary school classrooms and research circles with teachers.  

Sex education is an integrated aspect of Swedish secondary school and referred as a particular knowledge content by the Swedish Agency of Education. However, there is a lack of research on the actual practice of teaching sex education. With the purpose of pursuing a practice based study on sex education two approaches have been found to be the best fitting for our goals -- the subject matter didactic and a interdisciplinary approach. The study will focus on both Swedish secondary school classrooms and research circles with teachers.

The aim is to examine how sex education is taught, experienced and can be developed as part of a variety of school subjects. Accordingly, we will explore how sex education is enacted in particular school subjects from a subject didactical perspective, but also how it works in collaboration across subjects from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The research project Enacting Sex Education: a practice based study concerning an interdisciplinary knowledge content in Swedish secondary school is based at The Deparment of Education, Stockholm university. Three researchers from Stokcholm University and one from Konstfack takes part in the project.

Contact person Konstfack: Simon Ceder, Senior Lecturer, Konstfack
Project leader: Karin Gunnarsson, Assistant Senior Lecturer, Stockholm University
Funded by The Swedish Research Council
Project period: 2020-2023

Updated: 28 November 2019