Anna Lundh

The Data Machine

The project builds upon my ongoing investigative art practice dealing with the subject matter of technology and its complex and entangled character in relation to humanity, society and culture. Time and temporality, language and speech are important notions that emerge through my investigation, directing the gaze back and forth, behind and in front. I'm asking whether past visions or phenomena can be used as revealing tools within [my] artistic practice, in order to better detect the present and in setting up conditions for potentially spurring new visions. I'm also investigating what lies in the "and" in "Art and Technology", historically and presently, and how the role of the artist can be defined and challenged.

Acting as a working title, The Data Machine reflects how the research emulates a "data machine" in a literal sense, by thoroughly processing the gathered data and treating it using specific artistic methods, while simulteneously adapting to, and learning from, the new conditions produced by the artistic process. The planned output will consist of a number of artistic manifestations and interventions text based, time based, collaborative, performative.

Anna Lundh is a visual artist based in Stockholm. Her research based work investigates cultural phenomena, societal agreements, and how ideological shifts take place, often dealing with the subject matter of technology, and our experience of time. This transdisciplinary practice, includes video, installation, web-based work, interactive experiments, text and lecture-performance. Lundh holds an MFA from Konstfack, Stockholm, and she has also studied at The Cooper Union School of Art, New York. Her work has been exhibited in Sweden at Bonniers Konsthall, Moderna Museet Malmö, Tensta Konsthall, Index Foundation, and GIBCA, to name a few; and internationally in Korea, Denmark Norway, Latvia and the US – primarily in New York City art organizations such as The New Museum, The Kitchen, ExitArt, Fridman Gallery, and in Performa 13. Most recently, her work was included in the exhibition Mud Muses- a Rant about Technology, at Moderna Museet, Stockholm (Oct 2019-Jan 2020).

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Tidsperiod: 2015-2022