Anna Lundh

The Data Machine

The project builds upon my ongoing investigative art practice dealing with the subject matter of technology vis-à-vis humanity, society and culture. The project asks whether past visions, in relation to these subjects, can be used as a revealing tool within [my] artistic practice, in order to better detect the present and to open up new spaces for thought, potentially spurring new visions and radical ideas. I'm also investigating what lies in the "and" in the notion of "Art and Technology", historically and presently, and how the role of the artist can be defined and challenged. In practice, the research emulates a "data machine", thoroughly processing all the gathered data, accumulated through previous and current research. The project is at the moment reconsidering certain timely aspects of the 1966 novel Sagan om den stora datamaskinen ("The tale of the big computer"), as well as related characters, histories and ideas. The planned output consists of various artistic manifestations and interventions - text based, time based, collaborative, performative.

Anna Lundh is a Swedish visual artist based in Stockholm/New York. She holds an MFA from Konstfack, Stockholm, and she has also studied at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. Lundh's research based work investigates cultural phenomena and societal agreements, aspects of time, language and technology, and which frequently involves exchange with other people and professionals also beyond the art field. This transdisciplinary work can take various forms, for example video, site specific installation, web-based work, interactive experiments, text and performance.

Anna Lundh är doktorand på programmet Konst, Teknik och Design.

Uppdaterad: 12 juni 2017
Sidansvarig: Olga Karlsson