Registering research publications and artistic works in DiVA

Researchers, doctoral students and teachers at Konstfack should register their research publications and artistic research work in Konstfacks publication database DiVA.

DiVA makes Konstfack's research visible and available. Material registered in DiVA will be searchable not only in DiVA's public search interface, but also in SwePub (national database for Swedish research publications), as well as in Google scholar and other systems that import contents from DiVA. Publications and artistic research work produced within an employment at Konstfack should therefore be registered in DiVA, in accordance with Konstfack policy.

A full-text file of the publication, or documentation of the artistic work, should be uploaded, unless this meets with copyright problems.

When registering in DIVA you should enter your ORCID id in the appropriate field  in the registration form. See the link below for more information about ORCID.

>> Upload a publication to DiVA

>> How to register research publications in DiVA [PDF]

>> How to register artistic works in DiVA [PDF]

>> Policy for publishing research publications and artistic works in DiVA


Short instruction on registering research publications and artistic works

  • Log in to DiVA with your Konstfack username and password
  • Choose Add publication / Upload files
  • Select publication type, for example Article in journal, Book, Chapter in book, Report, Artistic output
  • Upload a full-text file/pdf for your publication, if the publisher allows this. Contact the library for help with interpreting publisher policies. You can also upload documentation of artistic works
  • Check the information you have registered is correct and press Submit
  • If you have uploaded a file it will be visible after the library has reviewed it

Please contact the library for questions!


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