Support for students with reading impairments

If you have a reading impairment you are entitled to course literature in an accessible form. Reading impairments include reading disorder, visual impairment, impaired mobility, autism, ADHD or other conditions that make it difficult to read written text.


The Swedish Agency for Accesible Media (MTM)
adapts course literature for students with reading impairments. In their catalogue Legimus you can search for and download your course literature as talking books.

>> The Swedish Agency for Accesible Media (MTM)

>> Legimus


To start using Legimus you contact the library (Protected address). We will then schedule a meeting with you, where we will register a Legimus account for you and show you how to download and use talking books.

There are several ways to read talking books

  • With a mobile or tablet, by downloading the Legimus app
  • With a comupter, using the Legimus web player, or with a reading program that students can download, free of charge, from Legimus.

Below you will find links to informtion from Legimus about the different ways of using talking books. (The Legimus information pages are in Swedish only. Contact the library (Protected address) for help in English.)

The Legimus app

The Legimus web player

Course literature not available in Legimus

Cannot find your mandatory course literature in Legimus? Contact the library (Protected address) and we will order a recording of the book. Be prepared that it will take around 8 weeks to produce a new talking book. Teachers should therefore inform students about mandatory course literature as far in advance as possible.


TorTalk is a program for speech synthesis that can read all kinds of texts from the screen, as well as scanned text. The program is useful as a complement to the talking books from Legimus, for example for journal articles and other shorter texts.

TorTalk is installed in the computer rooms, and on the computers in the library, but Konstfack students and staff can also install and use the program on their private computers. You will find more information about this on the intranet. Please contact the library (Protected address) for questions about TorTalk.

>> Information, download links and license keys for TorTalk

Other support

Students with reading impairments could be entitled to other kinds of support, such as help with taking notes. See link below for further information.

 >> Studying with a disability

Updated: 17 September 2010