About the library

Konstfack was originally called Söndagsritskola för hantverkare (=Sunday drawing school for craftsmen). The school was founded in 1844 by Nils Månsson Mandelgren. In the same year, Mandelgren laid the foundation for the library through his donation consisting of 600 books and plates. 

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Departments and collections in the library

Library floor:

> New books

> Course literature

> Encyclopaedias

> Journals from current year and two more years

> Timeline video library

> Materials library

> Childrens' illustrated books

In the stacks, one floor down:

> Older books

> Journals older than 3 years and discountinued subscriptions

> Older encyclopaedias

> Theses

> KU-reports

> The old collection (in-house use only)

> The Martin collection

> The Zickerman collection

Old KonstfackValhallavägen20142014

Top left: The library at Mäster Samuelsgatan, taken 1957 (Visible in the background is Anders Billow, the well known graphic designer who became librarian at the school in 1941)

Top right: The library at Valhallavägen shortly after the move to the new premises in 1959

The last two images: April 2014.


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Updated: 30 April 2014