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26 OCTOBER 2021

Help us improve!

November 1 to 19 we will need your help to make the study environment in the library better.

Every Monday we will ask a new question on our whiteboard in the library and on social media. Please answer on the whiteboard, per e-mail or on social media.

There will be sweets available in the library as a reward.

Exhibition about Artists' books
31 AUGUST 2021

Exhibition: What is an Artists' book? Examples and explanations from the library

Artists' books and related items from the collections of the library at Konstfack. The display cases contain rare copies of books usually kept behind lock and key: exhibition catalogues and artists' publications that the library has collected through the years. On the shelves along the wall is an assortment of Artists' books and books about Artists' books, all available for loan.


29 MARS 2021

Covid Creatures - exhibition

29 March - 20 April 2021. The second year students in the bachelor program Industrial Design exhibits works from a course. The assignment was to dramatize expressions and identity in a robot - to create a scenario that links associations to cultural attitbutes and rituals that give meaning and identity to the robot.




18 January 2021. The exhibition is based around a reading list on discrimination, racism, feminism and colonialism, put together by the group Our Spaces / Våra rum. The library had some, but not all of the books. We now have most of them. The books do not have to remain on the shelf, all of them are possible to check out!

Access - exhibition
19 OKTOBER 2020

Access - exhibition

The second year master’s CRAFT! students put together a real webshop for an exhibition that never happened. We are 24 crafters from Konstfack who were given the task to create real gift shop items from fake exhibitions, each corresponding to a year in the history of the Stockholm House of Culture. Gallery 6 is an imaginary space floating above the House of Culture, since the opening in 1974. We hereby invite you to consider how culture is consumed. How to get access? Who has access and what is accessed? The products displayed here give an insight to each year and simultaneously ask you to question what you take away from an experience.

View the exhibited objects here

Swedis Book Art 2019

1 OKTOBER 2020

Svensk bokkonst 2019

The prize ceremony for Svensk bokkonst 2019 (Swedish Book Art 2019) was held at Konstfack on Thursday 1 October 2020. As usual many of the recipients have been Konstfack students or employees. Among the names you will recognise the former students Sandra Praun and Oscar Guermouche ("Noir"), Lena Sjöberg ("Min syster är ett spöke") and Nina Ulmaja ("Strindbergs lilla röda", "A Book Is A Book Is A Book", "N/L:s poesibibliotek").

The 25 awarded books are being exhibited in the library until 16 October. The exhibition will then travel around Sweden.


Degree exhibition-exhibition 2020

Exhibition about the Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2002-2019

Every year the library collects catalogues and student publications produced in conjunction with the Degree Exhibition. This year (2020) the exhibition could not be held in a traditional manner, and was instead turned into a web-based exhibition. This meant fewer publications for us to gather, but it also meant the return of the printed exhibition catalogue! For the first time since 2008 the Konstfack Degree Exhibition gets an official printed catalogue. The catalogue is published later in the fall, but the library wishes to celebrate the occasion by showing examples of student-initiated catalogues and other student publications from the 21st century. Most of these were made during the years when no official printed catalogue was produced by Konstfack. 

The exhibition contiues until further notice. 

The library

17 APRIL 2020

Spring 2020

Due to the global virus epidemic the library is currently closed to the public and most of Konstfack's students. You can find information about how to use the library's resources from home on the intranet.

Use the library from home (intranet)


Women designers and artists2 MARCH 2020

Women designers and artists at Konstfack

The library exhibits books by and about designers and artists who at some time studied at Konstfack, from Hilma af Klint (who studied painting at Tekniska skolan for one year in 1880) through Elsa Beskow, Märta Måås-Fjetterström, Torun Bülow-Hübe, Rosa Taikon, Cecilia Edefalk, Tuija Lindström to Erika Lagerbielke and Lotta Kühlhorn.


20 FEBRUARY 2020

One book – a course for GF&I, Ceramics & Glass and Fine Art

The exhibition lasts until 24 February.

bild av utställning


The Life of an Itinerant through a Pinhole

Behzad Khosravi, PhD student at Konstfack, exhibits objects linked to his PhD project in the library window.

The exhibition lasts until 10 February.

Behzad's own description:“The Life of an Itinerant through a Pinhole” presents the relationship between class identity and the means of production in Tehran between the years 1956 and 1968 by undertaking a historical analysis of archival images produced by a working-class immigrant community. A local itinerant photographer, Gholamreza Amirbegi, documented the images in question. The collected images present the identity of a particular social group in the city of Tehran, following a period of immigration to the capital due to the effects of war and the subsequent economic devastation and the epidemic of bankruptcy among smaller cities. The images reveal diverse subjects in relation to the urban life in the southwest of Tehran. Gholamreza’s images underline the relationship between global and local subjectivity of image production within an isolated working-class neighborhood in the southwest of Tehran. By renarrating the archival materials, resignifying subaltern histories and evoking memories, this unknown archive tells stories of the social changes in contemporary Iran from below, as experienced through the images of global cinema, unconscious colonial memory, and means of production from the subalterns.[1] This chapter introduces and reinforces the necessity of itinerancy, not just as an activity on the part of Gholamreza, but to present the notions of global traveling images and colonial history, and their effects on social and political conditions. I also highlight the absence of representation of this political and social identity in the realm of contemporary arts in Iran, as well as in the modern Iranian nation-state’s desire to construct a domestic “primitive” people in order to build a Tehran-centric national culture.[2]
By applying a comparative historical material analysis, I develop a multi-sited practice and archaeology of contemporary history. I explore the possible resemblances constructed on the notion of unconscious colonial memory, proletarianism and the technology of image production behind it within societies sharing interconnected histories. I offer a reinterpretation of everyday historical observations of the image—one that is taken for granted—into an archaeological one: the prestigious and valuable object. We must dig into the history to discover the lost identity and then displace the image of the past from its historical location in order to address the question: What happens to the past from the perspective of the future?"


foto av utställning


PhD students exhibit in the library!

A few of the PhD students at Konstfack exhibit their projects in the library window during Konstfack's Research Week 2020.

Industrial production

18 DECEMBER 2019

Exhibition - Presentation of a process

18 December 2019 - 12 January 2020. Third year students from the bachelor programme Textile is exhibiting results from the course Industrial production. The course is collaborating with different partners from the textile industry each year, and this year they have worked with Ludvig Svensson. 


Aftonbladet 10 oktober 1844

28 NOVEMBER 2019

The Jubilee Exhibition

28 November - 4 December 2019. In conjunction with the publication of the new book 175 år av kamp, glädje och misslyckanden (= 175 years of struggle, joy and failure) celebrating Konstfack's history, the library is exhibiting materials from our collection that relate to the themes in the book. The exhibition only lasts for one week, so hurry up!

The image above is an advertisement in the newspaper Aftonbladet from 10 October 1844, advertising the new school, the "Sunday Drawing School for Craftsmen".


The Facit model


Book presentation and exhibition with Our Polite Society

6 November 2019. Jens Schildt, visiting teacher at Graphic form and illustration at Konstfack and part of the design firm Our Polite Society, presents the book project The FACIT Model. The subject of the book is the typewriter and office furnishing manufacturer Facit in Åtvidaberg, Sweden, which for a period in the 20th century was a world leading company in its field, but which did not survive the burgeoning globalization of the 1980's. The book presents materials from the company archive. The presentation is held in Swedish, with a reading of extracts from the book in English. 

An exhibition of background material for the book is shown in an exhibition in the library, beginning on 6 November.


Picture books
14 OCTOBER 2019

Picture book artists who studied at Konstfack (again)

14 October 2019. Once again we are showing childrens' picture books by artists who were once students at Konstfack - but it's not the same exhibition as the last time! Most Swedes (and some non-Swedes) will be familiar with at least some of these books.



Book presentation with Tomas Colbengtson

11 September 2019. Tomas Colbengtson will be showing images of his artwork and talking about his new book, Faamoe, meaning strenght, power or endurance in the southern Sami language. The book deals with loss of language, colonization and encorced migration of the Sami people. Swedish text by Jan-Erik Lundström, translation into the south Sami language by Per-Martin Israelsson.

Read more about the book here (in Swedish).




Zickermans studiesamling

September 2019. We have made some changes in the library stacks during the summer. Among them is a new exhibition about Lilli Zickerman and her study collection which is stored there. There is also a new folder about Lilli and the collection, unfortunately only in Swedish. The collection has been digitized:Hemslöjden


Exhibition - Poetic Form

2 September 2019. The exhibition Poetic Form is shown outside the library during the introduction week for new students. The library has chosen among books by Swedish poets designed by former students at Konstfack.

Artists' books
30 AUGUST 2019

Exhibitions - Artists' Books and comics

2 September 2019. The library is proud to present two small exhibitions in the library during the introduction week for new students. Both exhibitions are situated along the same wall of the library, where we have mounted the new shelves for Artists' books. The first exhibition focuses on Artists' books by students and staff at Konstfack. The second exhibition is an updated rerun of an exhibition held earlier in the year, presenting comics by Konstfack students and staff.

29 MAY 2019

Exhibition - "Främmande fåglar i textil dräkt"

28 Maj - 5 June 2019. Teacher education students in the second year exhibit textile sculptures of birds in the library window.

More information (in Swedish)

16 MAJ 2019

Konstfack degree exhibition 2019

Four students exhibit in the library during the Konstfack degree exhibition. 

AnnaLeena Prykäri, Fine Art (Master)
Carola Björk, Fine Art (Master)

Olle Helin, Fine Art (Bachelor)
Joel Arizona Widerberg, Fine Art (Bachelor)


Människan - en berättelse (exhibition)

9-29 April 2019.  An exhibition in the library, by Beatrice Nydahl, Ibis, Ämneslärarprogrammet (Bild och media).


5 APRIL 2019

Comic creators at Konstfack

6-7 April 2019. In conjunction with The Stockholm International Comics Festival (SIS19) the library, together with the bachelor program Graphic design & illustration and the master program Visual communication, presents an exhibition of comic creators with a background at Konstfack, either as students or as teachers. The exhibition takes us from Swedish comics pioneer Oskar Andersson who graduated in 1898 until the present day, and includes many well known artists from the medium of comics. Parts of the exhibition will continue to be shown in the library after the festival.

Affisch serieutställning

27 MARCH 2019

Digitisation of the Zickerman collection

The Swedish craft association Svenska Hemslöjdsföreningarnas Riksförbund has just finished digitising the study collection put together by Lilli Zickerman in the early parts of the last century. The collection consists of 12.000 partially colored photographic reproductions of Swedish vernacular textiles. The collection is the property of the association, but it has been housed at Konstfack since 1947. Below is a short video presenting the collection and the digitisation (in Swedish).

 Watch the video here.


22 MARCH 2019

Exhibition - Mapping the field of jewellery

22 mars - 3 april 2019, in the library

What does the field of contemporary jewellery look like? In Sweden, Europe, the world? What is the arena we are entering into like, and what do the established names say? The second-year students at the bachelor program at Ädellab have interviewed four professionals in the field of jewellery, in Sweden and internationally.

Mapping the field of jewelleryUtställning Ädellab 2019

21 JANUARY 2019

Exhibition - Picture book artists who studied at Konstfack

The library exhibits books by former Konstfack students, such as Tove Jansson, Ilon Wikland, Jan Lööf, Eva Eriksson, Pija Lindenbaum, Stina Wirsén and Siri Ahmed Backström.


10 JANUARY 2019

Exhibition - Action & failure

10-21 January 2018 in the library. The third year students of the bachelor program Industrial design exhibit self initiated design explorations.



30 NOVEMBER 2018

Exhibition - Textile birds

30 November - 21 December, in the library.
Fourth-year students from the teacher education program for Visual Arts and Sloyd exhibit textile birds in the library window. 



The video lounge

What happened to the library’s video lounge? That poorly lit room with dark red walls in the corner of the library? Anyone? No? Well, the correct answer is that the room is back! But now it can even be used as a bookable group room, a room for one on one tutorials or reading, as well as a video lounge. The walls are white and the lighting in pretty intense. Perhaps a little too intense for watching films, so be sure to turn off the lights by the door. The video cases are no longer housed on shelves along the wall. Instead, you will find the covers in a number of binders, with the categories Contemporary, Historical, Students and Documentary (see the picture below). If you would like to watch a film, contact one of the library staff, who will get you the actual disc or video cassette. The library gleefully awaits the inevitable renaissance of the VHS.

Video lounge



New semester - new students - new books

The library has been closed for a large part of the summer, but we have continued to buy new books the whole time, and they are now on display here and there in the library. A selection of new books is shown in the image below. Please click on the image for a more readable version!

39 pressbilder från OEI editör / Cecilia Grönberg | Allmän didaktik : mellan normativitet och evidens / Alexander von Oettingen | Altered States of Consciousness / Marc Wittmann | Art, media design, and postproduction : open guidelines on remix and appropriation | Artists and their books : books and their artists / Marcia Reed, Glenn Phillips | Arts and crafts in Waldorf schools : an integrated approach | Autism och ADHD i skolan : handbok i tydliggörande pedagogik / Anna Sjölund… | Barns lek och experimenterande verksamhet / författare: Sarah Damgaard Warrer |Blå jakaranda : mitt tack till Afrika / Peder Gowenius | Built unbuilt / by Julien De Smedt and Julien Lanoo [photographer] | Carousell / Felice Hapetzeder, Kristina Kvalvik, Marit Lindberg… | Craft becomes modern : the Bauhaus in the making | Crepuscular tales / Peter Köhler | Design moves : translational processes and academic entrepreneurship … | Det universella språket : efterkrigstidens abstrakta konst | Didaktiken efter Vygotskij : design för lärande / Staffan Selander | Don't sleep : the urgent messages of Oliver Munday / Oliver Munday | Duotone : limited colour schemes in graphic design / edited by Design 360 Magazine | Estetiska ämnen och genus / Eva Skåreus (red.) | Forensic architecture : violence at the threshold of detectability / Eyal Weizman | Fågelsång och betong : Mattias Bäcklins konstnärskap / text: Björn Norberg | Goodbye world! : looking at art in the digital age / Omar Kholeif | Graphic design sourcebook : the 100 best contemporary graphic designers | Helt vildt! : the second golden age of Danish design | KKV - konstnärernas kollektivverkstad en svensk kulturhistoria | Kreativa slöjdlärare | Kul att det körs / fotografi: Per Englund | Köket : rum för drömmar, ideal och vardagsliv under det långa 1900-talet | Låtsasheten / Nathalie Ruejas Jonson | Lärandets ordning och reda : ledarskap i klassrummet / Marcus Samuelsson | Läraryrkets etik och värdepedagogiska praktik / Gunnel Colnerud | Makeover : conversions and extensions of homes and residential spaces | Newspaper design : editorial design from the world's best newsrooms | När Sverige blev modernt : Gregor Paulsson, vackrare vardagsvara, funktionalism... | Om färg / K. G. Nilson | Passage, schakt, nisch, fodring : vandring / Petra Gipp | Pedagogik som vetenskap : en inbjudan / Mattias Nilsson Sjöberg (red.) | Plan and play, play and plan : defining your art practice / Janwillem Schrofer | Prompt : socially engaging objects and environments / Tamie Glass | Rave art : flyers, invitations and membership cards : from the birth of acid house… | Reading art : art for book lovers / David Trigg | Red Thread / Charlotte Higgins | Shizuko Yoshikawa | Street to studio / Rafael Schacter | The artist as : producer, quarry, thread, director, writer… | The constituent museum : constellations of knowledge, politics and mediation | The design of childhood : how the material world shapes independent kids | The material culture of tableware : Staffordshire pottery and American values | The trade of the teacher : visual thinking with Mieke Bal / Jeroen Lutters | Wind upon the face of waters / Johan Willner | Zoe Leonard : survey

29 JUNE 2018

Study Support Unit - language support for students

From the autumn term of 2018, the library will be responsible for building a Study Support Unit at Konstfack. The purpose is to provide all students with good conditions for completing their studies.

The Study Support Unit's mission is to provide language support and language supervision in Swedish and English that will help students develop their writing, speech skills and their study techniques. Read more


8 JUNE 2018

Closed for summer

We are now closed for summer. Welcome back Monday 27 August. We would like to wish everybody a really nice summer!

18 MAY 2018

The Degree exhibition in the library

The Konstack degree exhibition is in full swing, and this year some of the works are exhibited in the library. Among those are the printed publications produced by students for the exhibition, and an installation piece by Maria Hilmersson Landgren.

Maria Hilmersson Landgren

16 APRIL 2018

Exhibition downstairs in the library

Don't miss this exhibition in the library stacks, in the room that houses the Martin collection (the volumes on shelves in the image below). The artist is Master student Qingqing Zhang, and the title of the work is "Amid Otherworldly Stages". Dates: 16-20 April.


3 APRIL 2018

Ice Snow Sápmi

Textile works by students from the Techer Education program are shown in the library on 11-27 April. The students have made an inspiring study trip to the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi and the Jokkmokk Winter Market.


28 FEBRUARY 2018

Speech Synthesis software TorTalk

TorTalk is a speech synthesis software that handles all types of text on your screen, including images of scanned text. The software is pre-installed on computers in the library and in some of the computer rooms. Konstfack students and staff can also install the software on their own private computers.

For more information on TorTalk, contact the library at


22 FEBRUARY 2018

Self service is back!

The library is once again equipped with a self-check machine for checking out and returning books. 

We are sorry for the inconveniance our users have suffered during the past few weeks. The members of staff, however, have appreciated some of the effects of the missing machine, namely that we have had more interactions with our users than we've had in a long time. Remember that you're always welcome to approach us with your questions, and we are also happy to help with book loans!


22 FEBRUARY 2018

Posted / Unposted

Artist book Posted / Unposted is exhibited in conjuction with the GFI course 'Boken'.

An artist book project with special emphasis on letterpress (boktryck) printing, consisting of 24 unique envelopes by 24 artists, that expose the variety of ways letterpress can be used as a creative process.

The envelopes are on display in the glass cases at the library.

The library has also selected a number of titles exploring ideas around letterpress, artist books, mail art, printing, collecting and more, all influenced by Nordic Letterpress Collaboration’s Posted / Unposted.

The material comes from the various corners of the library’s collections, and include journals and articles, monographs and other artist books.


15 FEBRUARY 2018

A book in the library! 

See the results of a three week interdisciplinary course in book making, involving students from Graphic Design & Illustration, Ceramics & Glass and Fine art. The exhibition is shown in the library 15-21 February. 

En bok

18 DECEMBER 2017

New artwork

The sight of our new artwork will not have eluded any visitor in the library during the past few days. This majestic animal is placed on one of the book shelves in the library. The artist is Mari Anari, who is currently a student in the Master program CRAFT - Ceramics & glass. 

Mari AnariMari Anari


World of Desire - Benedetta Crippa

This handpainted sign in the library window is to advertise the exhibition of the book work "World of Desire" by Benedetta Crippa. The book consists of 17 loose leaves and is placed on top of the Oversize books shelf by the information desk in the library 7-15 December 2017. 

Benedetta Crippa


Christmas exhibition 2017

Our christmas exhibition starts today! We're showing christmas-related ads from older magazines found in the library stacks. Most advertisements are focused on food and drink, mostly the latter, which is also reflected in the title of the exhibition (see below). The exhibition is curated by library assistant and artist Florence Wild, and will be shown for the whole month of December. 

Jul 2018


Student work exhibited

Students' work from the first half of the 20th century are now shown in the library!


18 APRIL 2017

Japanese prints

Starting Tuesday 18 April 2017 we're showing Japanese prints from the library collections. The image shows one of many hand-coloured woodblock prints på Keika Hasegawa depicting chrysanthemums.


6 APRIL 2016

Exhibition - Aurél Schiller

The exhibition "Är du där - sover du" (Are you there - are you sleeping) is shown in the library 6 October - 4 November 2016.

Aurél Schiller, who is a former teacher at Konstfack, is exhibiting ink drawings. The exhibition is a cooperation between the library and the Ädellab department.

Aurél SchillerAurél Schiller