Study Support Unit - language support for students

3 July 2018

From the autumn term of 2018, the library will be responsible for building a Study Support Unit at Konstfack. The purpose is to provide all students with good conditions for completing their studies.

The unit will thereby be an important part of the quality work at Konstfack." Cooperation with Education and Research Administration Division is central, for example, for coordination for students with reading and writing difficulties.

The Study Support Unit's mission is to:
• Provide language support and language supervision in Swedish and English that will help students develop their writing, speech skills and their study techniques

• Support students with reading and writing difficulties such as dyslexia

• collaborate with the university's subjects, programs and other activities to give the students the best possible support

• In the long term, work with higher educational content with a focus on student writing

The majority of the activities will consist of individual supervision of students, and the guidance will be based on the principle of self-help. An ambition is also to have a drop-in activity, where the students could come without booking time in advance. At the Study Support Unit's, the idea is that the supervisor does not proofread the entire text, but that students should work on their own and, if necessary, return for another visit.

Updated: 3 July 2018