Book a search tutorial

Do you need help with finding literature for your degree project/essay? You might need some guidance searching in the library databases to find articles or images on you subject.

Through the library you have access to vast amounts of information which can be used to support your arguments, inspire you or help you develop your own project. This information is not freely accessible on the web. Take the chance to book an appointment with a librarian, who can help you search for information on your individual topic.

What kind of help can I get?

  • Searching – the library catalogue (books, e-books), databases (articles, dissertations, essays, images)

  • Questions regarding critical evaluation of sources, copyright and plagiarism

  • Instruction on registering in DiVA

How does it work?

As a student or employee at Konstfack you can book an appointment with a librarian for a maximum of one hour per session, as a complement to the search instruction given by the library for groups of students. Use the form below to book a search tutorial:

Namn / Name
Beskriv kortfattat vad du vill ha hjälp med / Briefly describe what you need help with
Föreslå gärna möjliga datum och tider / Please suggest possible dates and times
08-450 41 24
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Updated: 31 May 2018
Author: David Scheutz