Activate your publication list

Konstfack employees have individual profile pages on the school's website. There you can easily activate a list of your publications and artistic research output, based on information from the Konstfack publication database DiVA.

The first step towards activating your list of publications is to create a so called ORCID id, if you do not already have one. ORCID is an international system of researcher identifiers. Using an ORCID id specific researchers can be identified, even if they change their name, have the same name as another researcher, or change their affiliation. Researchers and teachers at Konstfack should, according to a vice-chancellor's decision, acquire an ORCID id and use this when registering in DiVA.

You can quickly and easily create an ORCID id by going to the ORCID website, and registering according to the instructions found there. When you have completed the registration you will have an ORCID id, consisting of 16 digits, divided into four groups. Please notify the library of your ORCID id, by sending an email to

When you register publications or artistic output in DiVA you should always register your ORCID id in the field "ORCID-ID", located next to the fields where you register your name.

To activate your publication list on your profile page you first log in to the Konstfack intranet. Then click "Edit my profile" in the upper right corner. In the field "ORCID" you register your ORCID id. Then click "Save". Information will now automatically be imported from DiVA, for the records where your ORCID id is registered, and displayed as a list of publications and artistic output on your profile page.

Below you will find a film describing how to activate your publication list:


More information about registering your publications and artistic research output in DiVA.

Please contact the library for questions.