Video documentation

A selection of lectures and presentations from Konstfack Research Week 27-31 January 2020.

Monday 27 January

Introduction -- Maria Lantz, Anne Klontz, Magnus Mörck and Magnus Bärtås


Apparatus and Form: The Split Identity of the Exhibition -- Vincent Normand


Ahuman Manifesto -- Patricia MacCormack


Time to change focus from what artistic research is to what it does? Thoughts on the history of a young field, and what we can learn from other disciplines. -- Niclas Östlind


Tuesday 28 January

Introduction to the KTD Programme -- Mat Gregory


Curating Post-Anthropocentric Speculations -- Petra Lilja


Ahuman Design -- Erik Sandelin


Careful Epistemológica -- Luis Berríos-Negrón


Under Construction – A Real World Fiction -- Einar Rodhe


Publishing Postdoctoral Work -- Martín Ávila


Radical Inside -- Palle Torsson


Placed Sounds Displaced: Sound as a Practice In Between Art, Architecture and Design -- Ricardo Atienza Badel


Jag vet hur folkhemmet luktar (I Know How the People’s Home Smells) -- Tina Carlsson


Wednesday 29 January

Design Inactivism -- Sarah Homewood and Erik Sandelin


Developing the Image of the Indentured Labourer -- Gabrielle Moser


Meditative Inquiry in the Educational Settings -- Cuong Nguyen


Modernism and "Primitive" Indigenous Culture -- Tomas Colbengtson


The Collapsing of a Model Presentation -- Carolina Caycedo


Thursday 30 January

Light as a Design Element -- Foteini Kyriakidou


Etnografiska as Graveyard or a Museum for the Afropean Citizen Presentation -- Michael Barrett