September 12: Patchworking ways of knowing.

Location: E1 Time: 14-16

Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl present their doctoral thesis Patchworking Publics-in-the-Making: Design, Media and Public Engagement, with a special focus on what they call patchworking ways of knowing. Patchworking ways of knowing is a way of working in designerly and artistic contexts. They have done so themselves in the exhibition Threads - a Mobile Sewing Cricle, which has toured around Sweden in collaboration with, amongst others, the Swedish Travelling Exhibitions. 

Simultaneously they have developed patchworking ways of knowing into a kind of philosophy of science where knowing and making is merged. 

The coming years they will continue working with questions that were raised in the practice-led thesis work, with a focus on more-than-human citizenship in Hybrid Matters. It is a collaboration between the Finnish Bioart society and the IT University in Copenhagen, financed by the Nordic Cullture Fund. 

Lindström and Ståhl have collaborated as artists and researchers since 2003, for example at the Interactive Institute and Malmö Unviersity. They have exhibited in Sweden as well as internationally. 

As a preparation, read chapter three to get acqauinted with Patchworking ways of knowing and chapter two if you want to get a head start on what Threads - a Mobile Sewing Circle is. The thesis can be retrieved from: